Tips on How to Look After Hidden Parts of Your Home

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The franchise offers tips on how to keep your drains clear.

As homeowners, we don’t think twice about cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. We all understand the importance of keeping our homes hygienic but what about our drains?

We expect a lot from our drainage systems but often don’t give them the helping hand they need. We’re going to be sharing our top tips for looking after the hidden systems in your home and keep them in good working order.

Only flush the 3 Ps

One of the biggest causes of household drain blockages is non-flushable items going down the toilet. The only things that can be flushed are the 3 Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Wet wipes, sanitary towels and toilet paper alternatives must be binned as they don’t disintegrate at the same rate as toilet paper and quickly block drains.

FACT: Ever wondered why your ‘flushable’ wet wipes can’t go down the toilet? The answer is that flushable doesn’t mean that they disintegrate the same as toilet paper. Flushable wet wipes will disappear down the drain when you flush but they won’t breakdown and will start to build up over time.

Don’t let your cooking go down the drain

We’re all guilty of leaving fats and oils in pans and just throwing them straight into the sink or dishwasher. Many of us would also admit to pushing food down the gaps in the plughole opposed to scooping it out and throwing it in the bin.

Letting food waste, fats, oils and grease go down the sink is a guaranteed way to end up with a blockage. No matter what you do, fats will solidify in your drains and once they mix with food waste and non-flushables, you’ll start to grow your very own mini fatberg.

To prevent these types of blockages, be sure to scrape all food waste into the bin and let any cooking oils solidify before putting in the bin too.

Take the pressure off your plumbing

As well as ensuring water and waste can leave the house smoothly, try to take the pressure off the plumbing that brings your water in too.

Using too much water at once will not only put your bills up but will also slow down the flow to all your appliances. No one likes a low-pressure shower or a tap that’s running at half power, so work with your household to minimise the amount of water you’re using at once.

Blocked drains and faulty plumbing can be both costly and inconvenient, so do what you can to prevent these problems.

Don’t forget though, if you are faced with a drainage or plumbing issue, we’re the right people to call on for help. Metro Rod and Metro Plumb collectively have nearly 50 depots across the UK, so we’re never too far away. Get in touch with your local depot at the first sign of a problem.

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