Why You Should Consider Owning a Tutoring Franchise

Be your own boss with a Boost Education franchise. Run your own business and invest in your future and others. Boost Education is a thriving, unique concept in the private tutoring industry, covering Maths, English, Science & 11+ preparation.

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There arguably hasn’t been a more opportune time to run your own tutoring business.

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Local and international studies show that demand for tuition services, especially during children’s early years, has been on a steady rise. Figures in the UK echo this global trend with the country’s tuition industry said to be worth more than £2 billion. In fact, the British after-school tuition industry is one of the fastest growing industries of its kind in the world.

What is leading to the increase in demand for after-school tuition?

Demand for after-school tuition can largely be ascribed to the need to bridge the performance gap between the UK’s state and private school students. Parents of public school students are seeking out tutoring services that are able to help their children address challenges with their schoolwork or assist high-performing students in raising their proverbial game.

Another contributing factor are changes to the British education system that have left parents somewhat out of touch with how to support their children in their studies. Where parents once were comfortable with helping their child tackle homework, there is now a need for more specialised tuition to help children cope in a changing academic landscape.

And there’s also outside pressure from countries like South Korea, Japan, Belgium and the United States that are all vying with the UK for top honours in education quality.

However, it is important to understand that parents of children who attend state schools are looking for tuition centres that are not only effective, but also affordable. Traditionally, quality tuition came at a steep price for many parents, thus furthering the gap between households that are by means to afford it and those that can’t.

Why choose an after-school tuition franchise model?

No other business model provides a more “ready-made” and proven format, backed by experience and support than a successful franchise business. As the success of one party means the success of both, franchising is a partnership grounded in mutual growth. This, coupled with the insatiable demand for tuition services makes it one of the best business models to consider, especially if risk is a major factor for the would-be centre owner.

A franchise is designed to make it easy for franchisees to start and run their own business. It enables them to use the expertise, reputation, knowledge, support and management information of a tried and tested business model. This ensures that franchisees are able to establish their businesses quickly without spending time and effort on developing systems that work.

Further, banks and other lenders look on franchises favourably as the business model is designed around a proven formula, thus significantly reducing the risk associated with it. Some banks even have specialist franchise lending teams that focus on helping aspiring franchisees get their business off the ground.

What does it take to be a tuition centre franchisee?

It may come as a surprise, but running your own after-school tuition centre doesn’t require a teaching diploma. In fact, tuition services today are run by a diverse group of people from all walks of life and different professional backgrounds.

In a franchise-based tuition centre, franchisees will rely on the franchisor to provide them with all the training, support and resources needed to run a successful centre. This will typically include all the required learning material and methodologies developed by the franchisor.

You could even be an investor who runs other businesses in parallel with your tuition centre. However, it is important to take caution to vet potential franchisors’ credentials, memberships and reputations before entering any into serious talks about a partnership.

What kind of franchisor should I consider partnering with?

If a passion for children and a love of teaching are two adjectives that describe you then courting candidates for a tuition franchise should be your next step. But what makes for a good franchisor? What do you base your decision to take the risk of partnering with an unknown business? And is it worth putting so much money, effort and time on the line?

Firstly, look for a franchisor who aligns with your view and philosophy about life and business. If your passion is to teach and help children, then you should get the sense that your potential franchisor shares your passion.

Secondly, perform a thorough vetting process with checklist in-hand to make sure no important questions about your potential partner’s suitability remain unanswered. Cover things like industry reputation, customer reviews, quality of their website, age of the business and so on. Why not put your franchisor through the customer experience test and call them up to make enquiries or complete their student onboarding process to get a feel for their processes and general competence?

There’s much you can do to ensure you’re partnering with the right after-school tuition franchisor. All you need is to do your homework and be upfront about the standards you expect from your potential partner.

Ready to grow with us?

The Boost Education Franchise model is built on over a decade’s experience in providing quality and affordable after-school tuition services to children across the UK. Our philosophy is to give every child the opportunity to unfold his or her full potential through supportive and highly personalised educational support.

With demand for quality and affordable tuition services on the rise, evolving our core business into a franchise model was the natural next step on our journey and we’re looking for people like you to join us on our mission to become the UK’s tuition service of choice.

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