Barry & Teresa (Chelmsford)

Local franchise business opportunity in the charity sector providing a service to business & leisure premises with our quality sweets & snacks. Ideal for a single person or a couple.

Snak Appeal

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We bought a Snak Appeal franchise 5 months ago as a husband and wife team. It is wonderful to be able to earn a very good living ourselves and in addition provide funding for the local children`s hospice. When servicing the boxes we are met with a very positive response. We would have no hesitation in recommending prospective franchisees in purchasing a franchise in this very worthwhile venture. We have been running the Snak Appeal franchise as a husband and wife team for 7 years in October 2017, which has provided our only source of income. It is great to run a business on a self employed basis where you are left to your own devices, unless help is needed. John is always available to provide help and support in all aspects of the business. We manage, with a little bit of topping up, to maintain approx 230 sites in our area which is North Essex (Little Havens Children's Hospice). We still have, after 7 years, potential to expand should we need to or want to. A huge bonus in running the franchise is that, not only can you earn an income, but also you are putting a bit back in and helping the Children's Hospice in fundraising, which is a lovely feel good factor. We are always met with a friendly welcome in the sites (some of which we have had from day one!) and most people have the same outlook as us, in that they are pleased to be able to help the hospice by buying sweets, flapjacks or bags of savouries at the same time.

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