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Start a business that promotes health and wellbeing. Or you can expand your existing practice with this healing breakthrough. FULL training and support offered.


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My first Vitali-Chi class offered an exciting, informative and totally nurturing full on 2 days of exploring beyond what is normally considered possible and expanding my vision not only of the amazing world of embodiment but also of my future choices as a person and as a practitioner. The content and questions offered and received were inspirational and informative way beyond what I could have anticipated, as was the hospitality extended. The chance to eat alkali enhancing drinks and food, and see how to concoct a different possibility for my body as well as my future clients was a total delight. My body felt like it was smiling so often over the weekend and having the chance to boost our energy if required was such a gift. The support, knowledge and possibilities offered here both by our facilitator Dawn and also Jill and Allen Jesson is beyond words and my enthusiasm has simply exponentialised with coming to play, in what has been an amazing group of generous spirited and inspiring people both creating, facilitating and participating on the course. Can only say I had no idea what I was coming to attend and am beyond grateful that I chose this course.

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