Daniel Martino, vomFASS São Paulo

vomFASS is the premium specialty retailer for fine oils, vinegars, wines, spirits and liqueurs.


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About 2 years ago I was on vacation in Europe with my wife and my daughters. Walking around the city of Gent in Belgium, we casually wandered into a vomFASS shop. We had never heard of this store or the brand vomFASS, even though we are Uruguayan and still there was no shop in South America! Upon entering the store, we were surprised by the variety and quality of products, as well as the friendliness of the owner. We found an ideal combination of simplicity and sophistication, with a craft concept that captivated our senses. As olive oil producers in Uruguay, we were very attracted to the idea of bringing vomFASS to South America. It was from that moment we started the contacts with the company and sometime later we were opening our first store in the city of São Paulo in Brazil. We are now enjoying this family business, feeling part of a company that prioritises healthy consumption habits, with high quality products. We hope to work to share these habits and values soon in other countries in our continent.

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