2-in-1 local franchise opportunity working in partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, providing high quality sweets, snacks and activity packs to workplaces and leisure establishments. Suits individuals or couples.

Snack Aid

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I transferred over to Snack Aid in 2017 after originally working with another charity sweet franchise for 15 months. My decision to join Snack Aid was based on a call I received from Jim a couple of months prior to joining. I had originally approached Jim before joining my original franchise but my area was not available with Snack Aid then. He called to ask me how things were going as the area was about to become available due to health reasons of the existing franchise. At the particular time I was losing customers hand over fist due to some poor citing work by the company I was with at that time. I was at a low period and questioning whether I wanted to continue when Jim called me. He reconfirmed to me that this business does work and that I just needed good people around me, offering better support, better products and the tools to do it. With the excellent support I have received from him (his personality reminds me of Charles Ingles from Little house on the prairie) I have now established myself as a viable business with a very good income for the hours worked. The difference in communication has been the major factor , regularly receiving calls , e-mails to get me through any issues I might have. Also the fact that , as franchisees, we are encouraged to add our input on how to improve sales , what stock lines work and methods on how to generate more sales , not just with new sites but existing customers by way of the introduction of healthy snacks and activity packs which enable us to target different sites as well as increase sales with our current database. One of the major plus points is the exceptional quality siting that Snack Aid offers with their in-house team, to find new customers for me and this is available whenever I need it. This has been a major influence on my business and the days out siting are relaxed and very enjoyable. The siting team have a desire for us to succeed and give us the confidence to recruit new sites ourselves. Obviously the flexibility of this business is a massive bonus as long as you remain disciplined in obtaining what you want out of it. I am currently working between 3-5 days per week depending on the call cycle . I usually set out around 9am and am back home by 3-3.30pm so avoiding the rush hour. I do all the money counting , decanting and restocking in the comfort of my own home at a pace that suits me. If you are looking for a well paid business opportunity from a decent company then I recommend you take a look at this business. I am always happy to talk to anyone to discuss further if so required. All the best.

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