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David Greenaway got off to a flying start, and loves everything that being his own boss brings:

Former Training Manager, David Greenaway, decided in 2011 that it was time to take his career into his own hands – his role involved a lot of travel and staying away from home, which started to have a negative impact on his family life. The ChipsAway franchise immediately captured his interest as he was impressed with the professionalism and the well-respected brand.

“Having always worked in the automotive sector, I wanted to stick with what I knew and loved. I looked at a range of automotive-related franchises, but ChipsAway stood head and shoulders above the rest!” says David.

David attended an open day at Head Office which confirmed that ChipsAway was the right choice for him. His business got off to a brilliant start where he secured £4,000 worth of bookings during his launch. He puts his initial franchise success down to the support he received from ChipsAway, and the lead generation from the national TV advertising.

“The trainers were spot on – patient, knowledgeable and they made the experience fun and interesting. I also had an existing franchisee mentoring me during my launch which was invaluable.”

“The rest of Head Office team have also done so much to make me successful – the people, the support and the brand are fantastic. They help us secure so many leads, and to be honest the money we pay for the franchise is superb value. Having that support system and specialist advice makes such a difference.”

David tells us a little more about how his business how grown: “In 2012 I opened a small centre, operating with 2 employees. In 2014, we moved to a larger Car Care Centre with 6 people on the team. Every year has given us better results and a higher turnover, and the customer feedback just keeps getting better! I have a fantastic team around me and we still have a long way to go in terms of growth, and I know that ChipsAway will nurture and support me through my journey.

David claims that his life has greatly improved since starting his ChipsAway franchise and his family are much happier.

“I love being my own boss. I can work when it suits me, have time off for holidays and free time with my family when I want it.

“I also have a much deeper sense of accomplishment and satisfaction than in my previous roles, knowing that I have built this fantastic business. I’m proud of the ChipsAway name and all the work we have done to achieve such high regard from our loyal customer base.”

You really do get out what you put in. The harder you work, the luckier you get! Financially, it’s very rewarding and I know that it will be more so in the future. My aim for the future is growth – more space, more team and more repairs.”

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