SDS (Same Day Security) offer locksmith services to both domestic and commercial clients.

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As 2017 comes to an end, I thought it was time to review my new career as a locksmith trading as part of the Lockfast locksmith group. Before signing up I did take a few weeks to decide to join, but can safely say I have made the correct decision looking back. The initial contact was good, and Anna was always at the other end of the telephone when I needed to talk about anything, she was always one step ahead and my set up and training was completed in a very quick time. The training was outstanding the UK locksmith association set up for training was very comprehensive and, for them I would not have the knowledge I have in such a brief period. I still have lots to learn and every day is a learning day but thoroughly enjoyable. It was hard in the early days there are so many ways and places you can find work, its just finding the right source or places to get your leads, to be honest once you get set up and going work also finds you. My time is now very much my own, that’s the biggest thing for me I have complete control over when I work, and what jobs I do. I can work around my daughter’s day at school, picking her up and dropping her off. I really do wish id done it years ago when I first looked at the locksmith industry.

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