2-in-1 local franchise opportunity working in partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, providing high quality sweets, snacks and activity packs to workplaces and leisure establishments. Suits individuals or couples.

Snack Aid

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I first came across Snack-Aid Ltd in January 2018, after looking for a low cost franchise opportunity working from home. I had had enough of working in a dead end job making other people lots of money and barely getting by myself. I was attracted to the simplicity of the business model, the charity aspect and of course to low cost start up. I exchanged a few emails with Jim Lawlor the owner of Snack-Aid Ltd then had a lengthy conversation on the phone. He came across so genuine and we were talking for over an hour before I felt so confident with the idea that I was ready to pay there and then and get started asap. Jim Insisted that I did not part with any money until I had met with him personally at their office in Milton Keynes. This was arranged a few days later. After a lengthy meeting with Jim where everything about the business was explained in detail. I made the decision and paid the money the next day and a few days later the stock and display boxes arrived. I was very excited and keen to get out there. Jim even arranged for the boxes to be sited for me. A few sites didn't work out but again this was explained to me at the start and I expected 20% to fail but in fact it was only around 10% half the number. After my first month of running my business I had a good full time income working about 40 hours per week and the best part is having the weekends off. I would recommend this franchise to anyone looking for a low cost business that can be operated from home with some storage space for stock etc. Jim is always at the other end of the phone for support. It's a low risk business with most of the outlay on stock which is consumable and easy to sell.

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