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YourZone45 is a boutique fitness studio that delivers highly motivating BootCamp style workouts that are focused around heart rate technology. The workouts are designed to burn calories fast, rev up metabolisms and increase fitness levels at a phenomenal rate.


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I left my job in IT whilst pregnant with my first daughter 11 years ago. I now havethree children and whilst I have loved being a stay at home mum, when my youngest was approaching school age I was ready for a new challenge. I knew that I no longer wanted a career in IT or electrical engineering, which I studied at Uni, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I did want to do. My passion for most of my adult life, and even more so once I had kids, was exercise. It was always my escapism and gave me much needed head space, I loved the way it made me feel and therefore I was starting to think that I would train to be a PT. On a visit to see a good friend in Colliers Wood I took my gym kit as she said we could go to this fab new gym that she had become a member of. She explained to the concept and I was intrigued. We went to YourZone45 and I loved it. I loved the workout, the delivery, the heart rate system, it was hard work but also fun. On the train journey home I took a look at the YZ45 website and clicked on the link ‘Own your own studio’ and realised that I had found the new challenge i had spent months looking for. Once I got home I told my husband my plan, he also thought that it was a great idea and would do really well in Bingley, the town where we live. That was two and a half years ago. The process has been a massive learning curve but I now have an open studio with almost 100 members (we’ve been open 3 months) which is going from strength to strength. Our members are great and are loving the different daily workouts and seeing their efforts levels each time. The club looks fantastic but also has such a positive and friendly vibe and I am extremely proud of it. The support from YourZone45 from the beginning and on going has been great and I certainly couldn’t have done any of it without them. Buying the YZ45 Franchise has allowed me to start up a company within an industry without any prior experience, and I am loving it.

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