Mandy Parker (Smiley Booth Dorset)

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Before buying Smileybooth Hampshire, and then Dorset I worked for Lee and Kate as a "Booth Butler" and absolutely loved the experiences I had. In 2017 I was asked to join Lee, Kate and new franchisees at the National Wedding show, this is when I decided I needed to buy into this business, I had easily made over £2000 just in deposits for the franchises and only made £200 for myself, so this was a no brainer. Since buying the business I haven't regretted one second of it. Initially I had one photobooth and was doing a minimum of around 2 bookings per week, I even managed to squeeze in two bookings a day for the right events. I now have 3 photobooths and prior to Covid-19 was managing 2/3 events every Friday and Saturday and the best bit about it was I was doing it from a sun lounger in South Africa. I've missed working so much during the pandemic and cant wait to get back up and running again and do better than ever!

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