Charge Point are an innovative business that operate within the phone sector. They are now looking for ambitious franchisees to help them sell their charging units. FULL training provided!

Charge Point

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“Being a franchisee for Charge Point has turned out to be a very good decision for my business. In Charge Point, we have an autonomous product that consistently generates revenue, with very little upkeep and maintenance needed. The Charge Point units take the best aspects of vending and leave the problematic ones behind. No longer are we having to visit sites to replace stock and repair jammed mechanisms. A simple yet solid design and build, means that we are confident in putting out reliable machines with little or no emergency visits required. Install these into your existing customer network and let the Charge Points do the rest for you. Operating within the franchise network with Charge Point is also a breeze. The Charge Live platform easily enables you to upload all the site specific information to a platform that is viewable from any internet connected device. Machine audits are straight forward. Go to the site, open the coin locker, up pops the maintenance mode with the audit logs, take a quick photo on your phone, upload it to Charge Live, collect the cash, perform a quick cable check and you’re on your way to the next one.”

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