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With a PunctureSafe business, you will be able to start and operate your own business, providing a unique permanent puncture prevention system to businesses and individuals in your exclusive operating territory.


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Royal Mail Group have been investigating tyre sealants for some time now because tyre costs annually are considerable and downtime caused by tyre related incidents is a major problem for us. We were not sure of the difference between the many sealants in the market, so we approached a significant number of tyre sealant manufacturers in Europe and the UK, including Puncturesafe. We tested four of these products extensively at various Royal Mail depots around the UK, over many months and in different types of vehicles. We were delighted with the result of these trials and in particular the performance and service levels of PunctureSafe. Our puncture rate has reduced dramatically since we began using it, and downtime caused by punctures has been reduced significantly. I am glad to report that the PunctureSafe product lived up to all our expectations, so therefore they have been awarded the sole contract to supply puncture prevention for our 32,000 vehicle fleet. The service that we have had from PunctureSafe UK has always been excellent and very professional, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with them.

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