Shantelle Gamble, Multi-site franchisee

Own Your Own BabyBallers Franchise. If you have a love of sport and football and have always dreamed of running your own business, a BabyBallers Franchise is the perfect solution.


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I’ve been a franchisee now for just over 2 years, initially I got involved because I had savings and saw it as an opportunity to put them into something which would be more profitable than sitting in a savings account. I quickly grew to love my little business and decided to take it on full time, it was the best decision I could of made. I’m now my own boss but also have the support of head oce if I need any help or have queries, it’s a win win. I love meeting my new children and parents but also love seeing my regulars each week, the business to me is so rewarding and has so much to oer. For me it’s given me more time that I wouldn’t of got in an oce job and allowed me to focus on something I am passionate about.

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