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Join the UK's largest, longest-running, and most successful photo booth franchise in the UK and Europe.

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Stuart & I are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to join a fun and exciting industry. We bought in to Smiley Booth Cyprus in 2019 and after our initial training with Lee and Kate, along with finding our feet, the events started coming in thick and fast, which was super exciting and very fast paced. Unfortunately for us, and for many others like us in the event’s industry across the world, Covid kicked in, putting a hold on events but, not a hold on future bookings. The trick was, we found to keep being seen, staying loud and present on social media etc. We are still super excited and can see, and believe in, Smiley Booth’s massive potential as a very exciting and profitable business. Although, Covid has held us up and it has been frustrating at times we have absolutely no doubt that the events industry is going to go mad again here in Cyprus, just like it is doing in the UK right now! So much so we have just invested in another new photo booth and a Magic mirror. As a bonus, it’s been fantastic building new relationships and seeing people have lots of fun.

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