48 year-old local newspaper media buyer builds her dream lifestyle business and retires her husband in the process


Every once in a while, someone gets it so right…

“I love being able to connect out in our local community in a fun way” – Janet Hudson

48 year-old local newspaper media buyer builds her dream lifestyle business and retires her husband in the process UK Franchise Opportunities


Key Results


  1. Escaped the dying local newspaper industry to create a role for herself that keeps her engaged in the local community
  2. Has built the business over eight years in a space she loves
  3. Supports herself and her husband comfortably in an industry she loves working in

Janet’s Story

Janet Hudson, 48 had been working for the local newspaper in Napier, New Zealand selling advertising.

She loved the job because it got her out and about and connecting with the business community but she could see the demise of the newspaper industry was making it harder and harder for not only her to sell the product but the effectiveness of the marketing itself.

The Problem

Janet’s experience in marketing made her a prime candidate for Giggle and her foresight to move away from the traditional newspaper advertising space into a little known industry has paid dividends for Janet.

She was facing loss of income but more importantly the loss of the connection with her local business community which was her driving passion.

Be Like Janet

Janet saw an advertisement to become a representative for the local Giggle network to which she applied immediately.

Managing Director, Del Shaw, still smiles when he remembers receiving Janet’s application.

“When Janet applied to Giggle it was at no brainer for us. Her warm nature and can-do attitude told me she would fit right in. I was right! 8 years later she is still a client favourite and one of our hardest working and consistently successful Gigglers.”

The Results

Territory – 82 locations: Maintaining and secured 82 locations across Napier in the last 6 years.

Revenue – £8,000: Janet created a consistent monthly income just working 2 to 3 days per week.

Freedom & dream life: Janet created her dream lifestyle business and retired her husband in the process. Both are living a very relaxed lifestyle.

Why was Janet so successful?

Janet attributed her success to her can-do attitude.

What Janet understood was that it was essential to follow the Giggle systems, be determined in the connecting with the wider belief because she could see the difference the Giggle systems could make to not only improve customer’s experience during times of wait but also in getting local businesses more clients.

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