Literally a business in a box!

Strengths of the Giggle model:

  • Recurring income
  • Lifestyle
  • No staff
  • High gross profit
  • Scalable to any size you want
  • Low fees
  • First-to-market opportunity
  • A licence NOT a franchise.
  • Cloud-based and tech-savvy
  • and most importantly… it’s FUN!

This business qualifies for a 100% Government-backed loan to fund your franchise, no security is required!!

We are only on this earth for a short time, so what we do every day should inspire us to get out of bed each day. Giggle is about real Giggle business owners helping real local business owners, so the enthusiasm is genuine and doing business is more enjoyable for everyone.

What is Giggle?

No matter where in the world you go, no one likes waiting, people love to laugh, and businesses want more affordable marketing.

Giggle has created a global entertainment network with a constantly captive audience. We make people laugh.

We install screens in areas of wait such as cafes, gyms, food outlets, bars, waiting rooms, transportation systems – you name it.

Giggle has owned the New Zealand market and is now launching in the UK, this is a first-to-market opportunity. A licence not a franchise so none of the restrictions or royalty fees!

At Giggle we have two beliefs:

  • We believe there is too much bad news in the world
  • Small to medium enterprises pay WAY too much for marketing

How Giggle Works

We make people laugh so viewers stay engaged on the screen. The screens play a silent loop of G-rated humorous content, entertaining otherwise impatient customers.

Interspersed with the sticky content are commercial messages for local businesses. This has created a very affordable medium for local businesses to deliver brand messages repetitively thousands of times a day to an engaged audience. Marketing on Giggle works! We have clients that have been using us for over 10 years!

So, is Giggle for you?

Giggle is a fun and unique business-in-a-box opportunity which provides residual income. The concept is simple to understand, the medium is trending, and our growth is through the roof. Built it to any size you want.

Attitude is key to success and at Giggle we seek out partners who are determined to take charge of their own destiny and need a tool to allow them to do that. Being a little quirky, and oozing positivity will help you on your way.

Running a successful Giggle business is not about your marketing skills or having a business degree. It’s about communication, motivation, using the proven systems we’ve already built and being open to learning. We will provide you with the recipe, the ingredients, the baking tin and even the secret sauce, the size and profitability of your Giggle business are directly down to your input

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