Nicholas Lambrou: Managing Director for Sheffield

Nicholas Humphreys Specialist Student and Professional Letting has a unique proposition bringing a new lucrative style into the “traditional” property market. Five franchises for the price of one ensures higher earnings.

Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agent

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Nicholas was looking for a heavily supportive franchise that would help him in setting up his first business and where there would be continual support provided.

Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agents Franchise

Franchisee: Nicholas Lambrou

Territory: Sheffield

Franchise:Nicholas Humphreys

Previous Sector Experience: Worked within financial services

Started trading:August 2017

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys Franchise: Looking for self-employment and to make good use of my commercial business skills and business development skills. I was looking for a heavily supportive franchise that would aid in setting up my first business and continuing support provided.

Vision: To build a business that has a large resale value whilst utilising my skillset and enjoying my job.

Personal Goal:To build the business and be in the top 25% of the league tables

Advice to Prospective Franchisees: Utilise the market research days alongside the franchise team to get to know the territory and asking the franchise team lots of questions along the way.

Nicholas’s figures
• First 2 Months trading Income – £6,166.39
• Listed 15 Landlords with a total of over 60 properties

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