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Nicholas Humphreys Specialist Student and Professional Letting has a unique proposition bringing a new lucrative style into the “traditional” property market. Five franchises for the price of one ensures higher earnings.

Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agent

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Join the UK’S Number 1 Specialist Student Letting Franchise!

A Nicholas Humphreys franchise includes five franchises for the price of one: specialist student lettings, professional lettings, property management and investment & residential sales. We are a dynamic and reputable company that differs from the current traditional letting agents by bringing a new style and fresh approach to fully explore the lucrative student letting business.

The brand is innovative with large investment in marketing to fully develop the Specialist Student Letting side of our franchising, which achieves on average 2.5 times the income than that of typical Professional lettings.

We provide the complete start up package for your franchise including a bespoke four week training programme. The initial fee also includes an unrivalled in-field launch and support via our dedicated team of industry professionals for an additional eight week period, all of whom are proven in launching new businesses, allowing you to work alongside the very best in the sector, giving you the best possible start to the launch of your business. 

Franchising With Us

  • Comprehensive market research – Including expected earning potential and territory boundaries that are mutually definable.
  • No need for a shop front – We are proven at launching successful lucrative in-field franchise businesses, keeping running costs to a minimum.
  • Unrivalled pre-launch and launch support – 12 week period helping business generate. Our support continues on a month by month basis outside of your launch period.
  • Paid weekly – Our accounts team will pay you and your landlords weekly, ensuring that your cash flow is a priority and that you are not bogged down with paperwork.
  • 1-1 Training – Please ask to see our training guide including branch based implementation and mentoring support.

How Are We Different?

Nicholas Humphreys ask for an initial franchise fee of £18,500 + VAT and this covers the following:

  • £1,450 equipment.
  • £2,300 stationery and marketing.
  • £950 IT, accounts and telephone set up.
  • £1,980 membership and insurance.
  • £1,900 pre-launch set up.
  • £4,520 training.
  • £7,400 launch costs.
  • £2,000 launch travel and accommodation.

All of the initial franchise fee is invested back into your business, there is no profit for Nicholas Humphreys as a franchisor. We invest all of the initial franchise fee into the pre-launch and launch of your franchise. This means we have to ensure that you have a successful and profitable business from the initial launch period through to your life with us as a franchisee.
Nicholas Humphreys have developed a bespoke Specialist Student Lettings brand and franchise proposition which differentiates us from other letting agents. Student Lettings can provide up to 2.5 times the fee income when compared to a typical Professional Letting Agency. Student properties are let in advance of the next academic year, creating a secured cash flow for your business allowing you to plan cash flow and future investment and recruitment.

Student Letting franchises have the advantage of being both very lucrative and quicker and easier to launch. 

What Territories Are Available?

Nicholas Humphreys Franchise

Nicholas Humphreys have been in business for over fifteen years currently operating in seventeen locations across:

  • Birmingham
  • Burton upon Trent
  • Brighton
  • Cambridge
  • Coventry
  • Derby
  • Durham
  • Hartfield
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Lincoln
  • Liverpool
  • Loughborough
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Northampton
  • Norwich
  • Nottingham
  • Portsmouth
  • Reading
  • Sheffield
  • Stoke-on-Trent

We have identified many territories for growth in the UK, with fantastic student letting potential and offering both professional letting and residential sales. 

We have dedicated time and effort to guarantee that our market research packs are a detailed and comprehensive way of ensuring that a particular territory contains enough potential to be a lucrative and successful business with room for progression. 

Training and Support

The four-week training programme is workshop, branch and field-based, being designed to appeal to all learning styles and delivered by company trainers and operational experts.

In addition, Nicholas Humphreys will provide you with a fully trained member of the franchise team proven in launching successful franchises, for an eight week launch period and for ongoing mentoring support.

They will guide you through the process, with a minimum of 20 days in-field support over an 8-week period, with an additional remote support as required. Further information regarding our invaluable training and support is available on request including a training plan. 

What You Get for Your Franchise Fee

A Nicholas Humphreys franchise is a turn-key franchise which incorporates everything you need to launch your business for a fee of £18,500 plus VAT, including a minimum personal investment of £9,000 to cover costs for the first 6 months. This will allow the franchisee to be focused on the business and the business’ generating activities.

This said, all of our franchisees have started earning an income from the second month after launch, our most recent launches in Northampton, Sheffield and Reading have all earned their first income within their first month of launching.

There is more information and further detail on what is included in our Pre-Launch Briefing Pack which is available via email.

Up to 70% borrowing is usually available through leading banks as franchising is viewed as a low risk investment, with arrangements being tailored to individual’s needs.

Your Next Steps!

  1. Please fill out the form below and we will send the details across.
  2. Speak to our existing Franchisees!
  3. Meet us for an Open Day.
    Our Open Days are flexible and can be tailored to suit an individual’s requirements. A typical day includes:
  • Meeting an existing franchisee to share their experiences.
  • An introduction to the Franchise Team to discuss the proposition further.
  • A question and answer session.

For more information on this exciting franchise opportunity, please click the button below.

  • Jonathan MacDonald: Managing Director Nottingham West, West Bridgford, Manchester

    Jonathan MacDonald: Managing Director Nottingham West, West Bridgford, Manchester

    Jonathan feels that the Nicholas Humphreys franchise was best for him because of its proven track record of previous franchisees demonstrated real potential for a lucrative career.   In early 2013, I had sold my business as the owner of a snooker club and I w...

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  • Rob Butters: Managing Director Stoke

    Rob Butters: Managing Director Stoke

    Rob chose Nicholas Humphreys to move away from the corporate sector into a steady industry to make a decent income to support a family. Previous sector experience: Previously worked for an insurance company Started trading: May 2016 Reason for choosing a Nicho...

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  • Mobushar Ikram: Director Newcastle

    Mobushar Ikram: Director Newcastle

    “I wanted to work in the property sector for an established brand and I was particularly attracted by the specialist student proposition as I feel that this differentiates us from the other letting agents.” Previous sector experience: Mo previously...

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  • Rebecca Henderson & Robbie Bell: Directors Durham

    Rebecca Henderson & Robbie Bell: Directors Durham

    “We wanted to benefit from all of my/our hard work, having made money for other business owners in the past and to purchase & develop a property portfolio.” Hi I’m Becca. I graduated from Loughborough University in 2014 and worked for Nichol...

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  • Nicholas Lambrou: Managing Director for Sheffield

    Nicholas Lambrou: Managing Director for Sheffield

    Nicholas was looking for a heavily supportive franchise that would help him in setting up his first business and where there would be continual support provided. Franchisee: Nicholas Lambrou Territory: Sheffield Franchise:Nicholas Humphreys Previous Sector Exp...

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  • Dan Strain: Managing Director Nottingham, West Bridgford, Manchester

    Dan Strain: Managing Director Nottingham, West Bridgford, Manchester

    “After working for Nicholas Humphreys for 12 months, I knew it was a brand I could trust.” ”As soon as I knew that Nicholas Humphreys were offering franchise opportunities I was immediately excited by the prospect. I had already had dealings ...

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  • Sam Fryer: Managing Director Norwich

    Sam Fryer: Managing Director Norwich

    Sam wanted to have a graduate career that had no boundaries for earnings and have a business he could sell on to make a profit eventually. Previous sector experience:  Worked for Nicholas Humphreys Loughborough as a student helper. Started trading: October 2...

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  • Oliver Barker: Managing Director Hatfield

    Oliver Barker: Managing Director Hatfield

    Oliver wanted to be part of an expanding and highly respected branch with the opportunity to drive my own income. Previous Sector Experience: Worked within retail Started trading: February 2016 Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys Franchise: Wanting to be ...

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  • Tom Brookes: Managing Director Leeds Headingley

    Tom Brookes: Managing Director Leeds Headingley

    Tom joined because he loved the culture of the company and understood their vision for expansion. Previous sector experience:  Worked for Nicholas Humphreys owned branch in Leicester for a year’s placement. Started trading: June 2014 Reason for choosing a...

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  • Del and Kirin Atwal: Managing Directors Coventry

    Del and Kirin Atwal: Managing Directors Coventry

      Experienced landlords Del and Kirin experienced strong growth in their Coventry franchise in just 11 months of trading. Why did you go down the franchise route? And why did you choose your franchise? I decided to go down the franchise route because ther...

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  • Nicholas Humphreys celebrates a successful 2017!

    Nicholas Humphreys celebrates a successful 2017!

    3rd January 2018

    On the 20th December 2017 we held our annual conference in Nottingham with key speakers, award sponsors, discussion groups and the introduction of new software, ideas and training to aid our franchisees in 2018. We have launched a further 5 cold-start student ...

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  • Ben Lacey (Nicholas Humphreys Portsmouth)

    Ben Lacey (Nicholas Humphreys Portsmouth)

    I had been looking at ways to start a property based business for a very long time. Prior to purchasing the Portsmouth territory with Nicholas Humphreys, I had completed an undergraduate degree in business management and a masters degree in human resources. I ...

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  • Dan Strain, Nottingham City franchisee

    Dan Strain, Nottingham City franchisee

    Throughout the whole process of purchasing the franchise I have been mightily impressed with the support, attention to detail and personal approach right from the initial discussion, the help with researching the market place, the assistance in funding and the...

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  • Rob Butters (Nicholas Humphreys Stoke-on-Trent)

    Rob Butters (Nicholas Humphreys Stoke-on-Trent)

    I took a Nicholas Humphreys franchise to move away from the corporate sector into a steady industry to make a decent income to support a family. Having made an income of £80,813.64 in my first 12 months of trading, my dream is becoming a reality.

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  • Oliver Barker (Nicholas Humphreys Hatfield Hertfordshire)

    Oliver Barker (Nicholas Humphreys Hatfield Hertfordshire)

    I received 4 weeks of intensive training in house and within branches in the midlands. I then received 8 weeks of launch support, with a team of franchise staff working hard to help you achieve your goal. In my first 18 months I earnt an income of £116,049.66...

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  • Rebecca Henderson (Nicholas Humphreys Durham)

    Rebecca Henderson (Nicholas Humphreys Durham)

    I had worked for Nicholas Humphreys in the Loughborough Office as a student and loved the fast paced and fun nature of the company. I have lived in Durham for over 20 years and upon graduating I started to think that Durham and the student market here would be...

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