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I’ve been part of the GroutGleam network for just over 3 months now and, honestly, it’s the first time since I left the military in 2014 that I have felt positive and excited about my working future and career.

Initially, I worked for several large corporations but I could never settle into the corporate way of working which is hugely different to the camaraderie and teamwork that I had come to know so well in the forces.

So after four years I decided to bite the bullet and look at setting up my own company and working for myself. I focused primarily on franchises and after a few near misses I came across GroutGleam and Simon Parker. After a tentative enquiry on my behalf, Simon and I spoke on the phone. The following day we met face to face and discussed the opportunity at length. There wasn’t the usual sales speak and jargon that I had come to expect from my dealings with other business opportunities.

After carrying out my own independent diligence and discussing the potential of the previously untapped niche that is grout restoration with my family and friends along with a small business advisor I quickly came to the decision that GroutGleam was exactly what I was looking for. What was I looking for? I was looking for the chance to be my own boss, reap the benefits from my own hard graft, potential to expand and employ others as I saw fit, earn a wage that would support myself and my family, flexibility to take as much time off with my children as I wanted, and to work in an environment of my own choosing without a ceiling imposed by others. I didn’t just buy into the franchise, I also bought into Simon Parker. It was important to me, and still is, that I felt that I could get along with, work with and trust the person who created GroutGleam. I can unreservedly say that I would thoroughly recommend both GroutGleam and Simon Parker.

Three months down the line I have absolutely no regrets. Despite starting up the business at quite possibly the worst time of year I managed to get enough work in November and December to tick over. However, January has been a revelation, I have booked out all of my working days and I am well on the way to booking out February too. It is often said that it is highly unlikely to make a profit in your first year of trading and that breaking even is to be considered a success. I am well on the way to posting a first year profit judging by current growth. If things carry on as they are then I will be considering hiring my first employee in the summer.

The work isn’t taxing and you do not need to be a master tradesman. I guess a knowledge of DIY helps but the patented tools are simple to use and training is provided. Simon Parker, the managing director behind GroutGleam, has always been there to offer support and to provide advice along with being a solid sounding board for my own ideas on the way to steer my business. I have no doubt that as my business grows Simon will continue to be an important part of my decision making.

In the short time that I have been part of GroutGleam I have been involved with several discussions regarding future opportunities within the GroutGleam network, which are incredibly exciting with frankly huge potential to earn money.

It’s been a difficult time for me since I left the military as I struggled with the lack of structure and routine. But I’m no longer frustrated with my workplace and the internal politics, or grafting like ten men to line someone else’s pocket. Everything I do now is for my family’s future and mine. This is all down to GroutGleam. I can’t really recommend GroutGleam enough and I really think anybody considering starting a business or like me leaving the military should strongly consider the GroutGleam network as part of their future.

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