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GroutGleam launches a NEW, lucrative, low cost, unique in its field opportunity for those with the desire and motivation to run their own business. For a modest sign-up fee and low fixed monthly fee, we will provide you with a turnkey business, training, support and a marketing campaign in your designated area to help keep those tools busy.

We are creating a nationwide network of approved, trained technicians for a multitude of innovative, unseen repair, restore & prevent solutions utilising cutting edge technology from around the globe. With our portfolio of products, you will soon become the go-to person for repair, restore & prevent services.

GroutGleam has pioneered a process for renovating tile grout and ultimately restoring tiled areas to their former beauty. GroutGleam offers clients, both commercial and domestic, the opportunity to save money and time on re-tiling and instead retain perfectly good tiling.

Unlike traditional grout cleaning methods often relying on chemicals and elbow grease to limited effect, GroutGleam is a reliable, relatively effortless, fast mechanical process that is both affordable to the customer and profitable for our technicians.

Think domestic bathrooms, kitchens, flooring. Think super quick turn arounds for the rental market. Think cheap freshen up for the property seller. Think hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and event venues. Think ££££.

The list is endless. There are so many revenue streams open to the GroutGleam service.

A growing list of new, some unseen, some unheard of, some industrial strength products, coatings and solutions that will offer substantial opportunities to cross sell numerous wow factor repair, restore, & prevent services to consumers in your territory.

GroutGleam is suitable for the hands-on operator as well as the entrepreneur looking to exploit and maximise the opportunity. Little overheads, with no premises required, can be operated from home making this opportunity all the more appealing. And the low entry costs will also appeal especially for the early adopters, our pioneers!

GroutGleam approved technicians have the flexibility of working either hands-on or as a management operation.

GroutGleam PLUS offers a further two tiers of engagement and is for selected entrepreneurs who possess the ability to run a team of technicians and desire a bigger opportunity, maximising the potential of far larger territories.

GroutGleam approved technician potential earnings £1,000+ per week.
GroutGleam PLUS approved business development and area director potential earnings are dependent on how many technicians are servicing the territory but suffice to say the potential is significant.

This opportunity is fresh, new, exciting, on trend and ready to be exploited. Our exceptionally connected management team have over 40 years combined experience in sourcing innovative, problem-solving, sometimes jaw dropping solutions from around the globe, many of which never see the light of day in the UK. We will continue to find these products and evolve as the forerunner of the repair, restore & prevent service industry.

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