Start a lucrative leaflet distribution management franchise business with the industry leader and offer a full local marketing service helping local businesses and organisations find more customers.


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Every Home Has a Letterbox – Be Part of this Marketing Sensation with DOR-2-DOR.

We invite you to join the UK’s number 1 network providing the highest quality GPS tracked leaflet distribution services to, local, national, businesses and organisations.

DOR-2-DOR are the UK’s leading local leaflet distribution company with a successful track record of over 30 years including establishing local franchised outlets since 2001.

DOR-2-DOR is a management franchise, utilising a highly professional business model, marketing local businesses to consumers through their letterbox.

With extensive support from head office and access to our bespoke software, the business is simple to operate and offers remarkable income potential for a comparatively low initial outlay.

Areas available from £19,950.

An outstanding opportunity

Householders love receiving information and offers from local businesses.

The demand for reliable door drop marketing services from local businesses is strong and growing. The launch of each franchise is initiated by a local marketing programme. New clients are attracted by the DOR-2-DOR offering and quickly acquired from the outset.

New franchisees are joining an experienced team sharing their expertise through the members forum. We have franchisees who have been operating for many years and generate substantial incomes.

The DOR-2-DOR brand is the most well known in the industry it ranks number one on Google for national and local searches. The brand is perpetuated continually by the franchisee posting DOR-2-DOR leaflets, with the clients material through householders letterboxes, thus promoting the business to local business owners and to individuals seeking work as Post-People™

Franchisee training & support

Following training prior to launch and our ongoing support is our number one priority. We are pro-active in the development of our systems and training programmes. We are continually on hand to assist our franchisees as they build their businesses.

Low cost – High income

Despite the fact that this would be classed as a low-cost franchise, the income potential is very significant. Many of the existing franchisees are achieving revenue streams well into six figures and healthy profit margins producing enviable net income.

Profit from print and distribution

From our separate web portal D2D-Print, we also supply the functions for you to be able to offer a full printing and design service to your clients which complements DOR-2-DOR very well with most clients requiring all three services when placing orders.

Why start a DOR-2-DOR franchise

In business for yourself, not by yourself. Franchising is now the quickest and safest way to start a business. Success for our franchisees is our number one priority so that our franchisees are achieving what they want and that has enabled us to become the UK’s largest network in door drop marketing.

DOR-2-DOR has many benefits for you, to help you succeed.

  • Exclusive area of operation.
  • Fully round mapped territory.
  • Unique bespoke software package to operate the business (D2D-Works).
  • Full artwork and printing service for your clients.
  • Full Training in all aspects of the business.
  • Exclusive use of the DOR-2-DOR brand in your area.
  • Excellent cash flow (most clients pay in advance).
  • Extensive online knowledge base including tutorial videos.
  • The Members forum for actively reaching out to other franchisees for help and advice.
  • A wide range of highly effective marketing material for your business.

Why develop a local distribution business?

Local businesses know the power of a door drop and 80% of the UK’s top advertisers use letterbox marketing. Leaflet distribution is popular and growing – it is part of the £45 billion Direct Marketing industry*

Distributing advertising material on behalf of local organisations offers a recession proof business and will never be replaced by modern developments such as websites and other forms of internet marketing.

Low cost start up

Unlike many franchises, which require significant investment in equipment, vans, tools or premises etc. DOR-2-DOR requires none of these and everything necessary to commence operating the business is included in the Franchise Start-up Pack.


DOR-2-DOR are full members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Jeff Frankling, the founder of DOR-2-DOR, has been elected on 3 consecutive occasions by members to serve on the Door Drop Council and was chairman of the marketing committee for 4 years during this period. His knowledge of the industry and its workings is second to none.

If a DOR-2-DOR franchise opportunity sounds ideal for you, simply click the button below to get in touch!

*source: the Direct Marketing Association

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  • Andrew Frisby (DOR-2-DOR Ashford & Tunbridge Wells)

    Andrew Frisby (DOR-2-DOR Ashford & Tunbridge Wells)

    “I have been the DOR-2- DOR franchisee in the Weald of Kent for about 9 years. The reason we took the franchise was because we were looking for a franchise that was active and gave good support. I can confirm we are very happy with DOR-2-DOR we have been ver...

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