Peeing on an Ad Could Change Everything

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Yes, you did read the title correctly.

Peeing on a certain ad could change everything for someone. The story behind this headline is IKEA recently ran an ad that doubles up as a pregnancy test. Any woman who followed the ads instruction and proved to be pregnant would be entitled to a fifty per cent discount on a cot. Pretty good marketing. Very clever and original.

However, other advertisers have used bright ideas to sell their products. Ads that can be touched, smelt and tasted, (there is a Fanta tasting advert). And these ads have one thing in common. They will not work on screen. They have to be printed on paper.

People are tactile, and they like to hold what they are reading; and this why creative print-based advertising is winning the war with digital advertising. It has been proven that printed sales messages beat screen-based messages in building businesses and brands.

Printed adverts beat digital ones because people are overwhelmed with endless messages continually appearing on their screens. People remember paper-based messages because they can hold them: and this is why they get results.

Why do they get results?

It is because, in a world where consumers are developing a resistance to digital advertising, and are increasingly using ad blockers, printed messages get through to them.

Our brains are designed to superficially read the information presented to us on a screen, but it has been proven that when we read paper-based messages we are more emotionally engaged and remember the information.

A recent study found people recall printed advertising 70% more than any other channels.

The relative failure of digital marketing has given the traditional methods of advertising boost. One of these traditional methods is door drop marketing, and door drop marketing is growing in popularity. New measures for tracking deliveries are making it easier for advertisers to map out their campaigns.

The DOR-2-DOR franchise

DOR-2-DOR have developed a unique business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to get into print and leaflet distribution easily and quickly. We are number one in Google for the main search term Leaflet Distribution, and every week we generate hundreds of enquiries for our franchisees across the UK.

We have been appointing franchisees since 2001 and now have some seventy offices operating across the UK – fifty per cent of our network has been sold, and our franchisees are providing high-quality Leaflet Distribution, Print and Design services in those locations.

However, we are continually receiving enquiries from businesses and clients crying out for the services we provide but in areas, we do not currently cover.

And this means there are excellent business opportunities for ambitious people wanting to own and run their own lucrative leaflet printing and distribution franchise.

On the face of it, door drop leaflets may not appear to have the glamour of TV or banner ads, but talented graphic artists and writers create them with flair and imagination. And they can produce leaflets that can be smelt, tasted and peed on. With printed leaflets, the possibilities are endless.

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