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Build mobile apps without any technical experience.

The Eazi-Apps platform has been designed for anyone with basic computer skills. Select features, add content and update the appearance. You can build apps for businesses that increase sales and reduce costs. Publishing just one app per week can generate an income of £120K in your first year.

Starting a new business can be expensive and time-consuming. Join our established network of 200 partners and benefit from a ‘Business-in-a-Box’ solution. Access the Eazi-Apps live training programme, video courses and one-to-one mentoring.

  • Build revenue generating mobile apps
  • No technical experience required
  • Earn a significant repeat income
  • Work where and when you want
  • Low setup costs and overheads

Promote your new business online with a dedicated Eazi-Apps website. Launch with case studies, testimonials and print marketing. You can trade under our global brand.
There are officially more mobile devices than people in the world. 8 out of 10 businesses do not have a mobile strategy in place. Help local businesses get ahead of the competition. Profit from the fastest growth market in history.

My Eazi-Apps Story

“After 15 years working for the local council I was ready for a new challenge. The work had become repetitive. My wages hadn’t increased in years. I was tired of spending 2 hours each day stuck in traffic.

I had been considering starting my own business for some time. I just couldn’t find something that interested me. I also didn’t want to start a business that had huge setup costs. I wanted something that I could start from home and grow.

The support I have received from Eazi-Apps has been excellent. After making contact they provided me everything I needed. Financial forecasts, example apps and a live demonstration of the platform. They answered all of my questions and nothing was too much trouble.

I’ve been running the business now for 6 months. The technology is genuinely easy to use and I can build an app in a few hours. The training and marketing support has been fantastic. I found the mentoring really helpful. Support from a successful Eazi-Apps partner made all the difference.

Like any business you have to put in the time and learn new skills. With the help of Eazi-Apps it has definitely been worth it. I have published 4 apps this month and get referrals most days. I also really enjoy working from home and helping local businesses.” – Simon. B

  • Eazi-Apps launches 18 businesses in North America

    Eazi-Apps launches 18 businesses in North America

    15th May 2017

    Eazi-Apps is pleased to present 9 Rounds Gym review of their new mobile app. The 9 Rounds Gym mobile app was built by one of Eazi-Apps eighteen new North American partners who are building apps for small business across the US and Canada. Based in Rochester, M...

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  • Eazi-Apps Launches New Online Training Academy

    Eazi-Apps Launches New Online Training Academy

    5th April 2017

    Eazi-Apps is pleased to announce the launch of a new Online Training Academy. Courses covering sales skills, app creation and graphic design are provided to complement existing training. Through custom made video tutorials, and supported by written materials, ...

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  • Eazi-Apps Launches New Partner Mentoring Program

    Eazi-Apps Launches New Partner Mentoring Program

    16th March 2016

    Eazi-Apps is pleased to announce the launch of a new ‘Partner Mentoring Program’. The six week one-to-one training course is designed to provide new network members with access to an experienced mentor. The key objectives of the new initiative include: Min...

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  • Eazi-Apps announces new upgraded food ordering system

    Eazi-Apps announces new upgraded food ordering system

    23rd February 2016

    Eazi-Apps is excited to announce the new upgraded food ordering system is now live. Restaurants and takeaways will pay no transaction fees on the first £30,000 of sales via their mobile app, and the new, cleaner interface has already led to an increase in spe...

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  • Eazi-Apps Continues to Expand

    Eazi-Apps Continues to Expand

    22nd December 2015

    The final training sessions of the year launched 6 new mobile app businesses across the UK and Channel Islands. With two new London-based licensees providing increased visibility in the capital, new network growth in Jersey, the Midlands and Scotland, Eazi-App...

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  • L. Gubeliny

    L. Gubeliny

    I am really glad I joined Eazi-Apps. The training is excellent and has given me a good start to my new business. Any questions I have had after training have either been answered straight away or Head Office have got back to me very quickly. The platform is re...

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  • T. Smith

    T. Smith

    I have been looking for way into the app industry for 12 months. I chose Eazi-Apps because they gave me a way in, with the help of an established company that shared my enthusiasm and vision. I already have a lot of clients with live apps published in the app ...

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  • D. Hosney

    D. Hosney

    As one of the first partners of Eazi-Apps, we have been impressed with their innovative solution in such a dynamic and fast growing market. It is a pleasure doing business with Eazi-Apps and we have experienced exceptional professionalism on every level. They ...

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  • E. Reolon

    E. Reolon

    Thanks to Eazi-Apps I have stopped working 9-5 and manage a profitable business. I don’t come from a technical background, but the platform is easy to use and I have published five apps this month. I learned so much from the training about mobile apps, marke...

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  • A. Sareen

    A. Sareen

    As the app industry grows I think Eazi-Apps is well positioned to offer a product that is both well executed, supported and priced. Being involved has enabled me to offer a useful tool to companies & businesses, that helps them grow their business. Having ...

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