Why are small business owners so keen to work with Eazi-Apps?

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Why are small business owners so keen to work with Eazi-Apps?

For any entrepreneur seeking new opportunities within a particular industry, there are a few essential components to consider. Business opportunity and potential competition are just two of these things. Eazi-Apps provide the necessary infrastructure for somebody to go from having no relevant experience, to running a successful business within the technology sector, and this can naturally generate a small amount of scepticism.

Would-be business owners often wonder if the market is too diluted for an immature Mobile App development business to flourish, however, a little market research reveals that the imposter syndrome is entirely unnecessary. The Eazi-Apps’ network is solving problems for SMEs like few others have managed to, and here are a couple of reasons why;


The bottom line! The price of receiving a custom-built app is one of the largest hurdles when it comes to digital transformation for business owners, and whilst the return on investment is almost inevitable, many businesses don’t have the means to fork out the current asking price. A short time searching for quotes will expose that the average cost of a simple app development project can easily exceed £15 000 – £20 000. Eazi-Apps recommend that their partners charge £1 995 to a business per mobile app. This is a fraction of the price traditionally available to business owners and presents them with the opportunity to make a rapid return on their investment.


It is money after all… a second search around for speedy app development will help you gauge the average turnaround time that developers are promising to keep. 3-6 months for a simple App is a common target, and many small business owners simply don’t have the privilege of looking that far into the future. During the pandemic, businesses turned to digital solutions because they needed urgent support, and Eazi-Apps partners can provide just that. The average build time for a mobile app is between 1-2 days and this is followed by an internally handled publishing process that takes no more than 10 days, meaning a client could potentially have their business’ App built and published, within a fortnight.

These are just two of the reasons that Eazi-Apps have been able to provide an invaluable offer to SMEs over the past 8 years and as the in-house developers endure to keep their promise of continuously improving the solutions that the network are able to provide, each Eazi-Apps partner continues to strengthen their value proposition within the market.

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