First Class Learning is the ideal franchise for those who want to operate their own rewarding business that helps children excel in Maths and English.

First Class Learning

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First Class Learning Education Franchise Opportunity

If you are looking to start your own business that is rewarding and helps to educate others, invest in First Class Learning (FCL), a quality education and tutoring franchise! Benefit from expert training, ongoing support and a proven business model.

What is First Class Learning?

First Class Learning is a thriving franchise network of after school education centres run by independent Centre Managers (Franchisees) that use specially designed Maths and English programmes to educate children of all ages.

The UK market for after-school provision of academic support is large. Parents want to help their children succeed at school and are prepared to invest in their child’s future. Being a First Class Learning Centre Franchisee allows you to satisfy this demand using a professional product and earning a professional income.

The FCL Maths and English programmes have been created by a team of specialists with a wealth of experience in the educational sector, and all of our programmes meet the learning objectives of the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the 5-14 Guidelines for Scotland.

You do not need teaching experience to become an FCL franchisee. You do however have to have a desire to work with children in a rewarding environment and be educated to first degree or equivalent level. All franchisees must successfully clear a Criminal Records Bureau check.

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Being a First Class Learning Centre franchisee can be very rewarding – both personally and financially. As a franchisee you will have the sole right to purchase and use the FCL materials within your agreed franchise area.

The FCL franchise gives you the system, training and on-going support that you require to run a successful FCL business whilst enabling you to have the freedom to be your own boss in the secure knowledge that you are providing a worthwhile service benefiting children.

Our Managers

“Coming as we do from an educational background, First Class Learning has been hugely beneficial and satisfying for us. It has given us the opportunity to work together and do what we most enjoy – helping children become independent and confident learners.”Chris and Frances Collins, HARTLEPOOL

 “Working with children is rewarding in itself but with First Class Learning, I also enjoy the opportunity to run a business which gives me a good income. What’s more, the flexible, efficient system means I have plenty of free time. It was the best decision I ever made!” – Helen Loizou, CHESTERFIELD

“I enjoy being a First Class Learning Centre Manager. It’s greatly satisfying to work with children of all ages and abilities and from many different backgrounds so that my First Class Learning centre becomes a part of the local community.” Sangita Thakor – CHALFONT ST PETER

“My own education was one of the factors that enabled me to build a successful career in business, so I appreciate the importance of good Maths and English skills. With the support of the First Class Learning team, I am now building up my own great business.” – Simon Deacon – LEEDS

Sisters Nafisa and Fahima Rahimi are building a successful business in North London. They opened their North Finchley First Class Learning centre in January 2010 and in just one month have over 30 students, many studying two subjects. Says Nafisa, “It is a month now since we have started!  Already we’ve had very positive responses from parents and students too who have told their classmates they ‘love FCL’!” 

Am I suitable to become a First Class Learning franchisee?

For the right person the FCL franchise offers a superb opportunity. Based upon our experiences with our existing franchisees we believe that as a potential franchisee you should meet most or all of the following personal profile:

  • Educated to degree level or equivalent qualification
  • Good Maths and English skills
  • High personal integrity
  • A clean Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure
  • Desire to work with children
  • Able to generate good contacts and relationships within the local community – particularly with local schools
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self motivated and determined to succeed
  • Well organised – particularly in the work environment
  • Enthusiastic, personable and of a friendly disposition
  • Committed to building a successful business
  • Reasonable level of financial awareness
  • Willing to follow the franchise ‘system’ set out by the Franchisor
  • A team player that the FCL management team feel comfortable working with
  • Recognises the individual benefits that the First Class Learning programmes offer

Income potential

Our franchise system is very flexible and can be operated to reflect your work-lifestyle and income requirements. Some of our franchisees operate relatively small centres with around twenty pupils whilst other centres have over one hundred and fifty pupils attending over two sessions.

The income generated from these two centres would vary between £10,000 and £80,000 per annum. Overheads are very low as all franchisees operate from home and simply hire their centre facilities for the hours required. We will be happy to share more detailed financial information with you at the appropriate time.

  • Alexandra Gibson

    Alexandra Gibson

    After attending an open day I was convinced that FCL was the right choice for me. The quality and breadth of the materials was clearly ahead of the field and perhaps more important, was the match between the FCL approach to teaching and learning and my own. Af...

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  • Dr. Mallika Bohm’s Success with First Class Learning.

    Dr. Mallika Bohm’s Success with First Class Learning.

    One of First Class Learning’s newest franchisees is Dr Mallika Bohm from Rotherham in Yorkshire. One of First Class Learning’s newest franchisees is Dr Mallika Bohm from Rotherham in Yorkshire. Mallika fist made an enquiry through Franchise Direct ...

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  • Prof Joern Dosch (Leeds)

    Prof Joern Dosch (Leeds)

    "First Class Learning has made a real difference to Nils. Before he joined FCL he struggled a lot with maths and was not motivated because he found it hard to follow the lessons in school. FCL taught him to work independently, gave him the confidence he n...

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  • Parent


    “I started my son at FCL Blackburn a year ago when he was targeted for level 3 in year 6. He ended up on level 5. What a turnaround!”

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  • Jacob (age 7)

    Jacob (age 7)

    I love working with you. I wish you were my teacher all the time!

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  • Parent


    “My eight year-old son is about to have a poem published which he wrote at school. Thanks to FCL Kidderminster he has more confidence, super handwriting and a fabulous future!”

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  • FCL Uxbridge

    FCL Uxbridge

    “My centre is running very well. I believe I have it to a 'T' to suit my lifestyle. Thank you! It's a nippy little business which I am fortunate to be a part of!”

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