An update from Seniors Helping Seniors during the COVID-19 crisis

This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

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Seniors Helping Seniors has been Caring for over 21 years and the way we do things has always been different. Here we share a few of the amazing things we’ve been up to with clients during lockdown.

Elderly people isolating was an awful shock for many. Day care facilities closed quickly and traditional care companies struggled when carers couldn’t work. Everything people took for granted stopped. People had to fend for themselves.

Hopefully the government will never be able to overlook Care again and hopefully people will know that arranging a bit of support for themselves, rather than struggling on, helps keep them fit and well.

The issues of ageing are not going away. The number of people aged 85 or over is set to double over the next 25 years in the UK

“Our carers are experienced. That’s what we mean by Senior. It usually means our Carers live alone or in small units so it has been possible for us to keep the risks of COVID-19 low” says Christian Wilse co-owner of the service. “Our carers have wanted to keep working, to keep helping others because they love what they do. So far, we have been lucky. Everyone has stayed well.”

Carers feel safe to work because the team is so small and the clients will not have seen anyone since their last visit. Visits are never rushed and carers can take the time to do whatever matters most for people.

“Helping people with technology has been increasingly important and there have been plenty of brilliant digital moments. Family facetimes and zoom seated yoga classes are just a few examples of what we get up to in addition to the essential services like shopping and meal preparation with clients, prompting medication, cleaning and laundry.”

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Christian explains, “Keeping people active and nourished has been vital. Some people just don’t understand a bag of shopping left on their doorstep. They need help sorting and organising.

With social distancing set to continue, loneliness needs to be a top priority.

Thanks to the amazing people who care professionally and to those who have gained care experience through caring for loved ones finding a rewarding place to work at Seniors Helping Seniors, providing the same trusted carer means companionship comes along with all the essential services.

No one has lived through anything like a pandemic before, but it helps to have someone you can relate to support you with what matters most to you.

We are proud to be a specialist employer offering local work people love to do with pay above the real Living Wage”

To respond to the demand for our jobs and the care people need, Seniors Helping Seniors reduced their franchise fee for a limited period.

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