This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

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People like it best when they are helped by people they get on with, and Seniors Helping Seniors® carefully match people with time on their hands, to people who need some help to live independently in their own homes.

Two things are true in an ageing society: Millions of people, 45 years old and over, want or need to work in flexible, local, well paid jobs that value their experience and millions of elderly people need help to live independently. Seniors Helping Seniors® is right place, right time.

Seniors Helping Seniors® executes the highest business ethics and we are looking for committed people who share our values. Our 20-year-old brand has an enviable global record and a five year’s growth in UK. Our three franchisees in the UK are winning awards and receiving outstanding reviews from carers and clients alike because of the specialist care we provide. We have a few more exciting low cost franchise offers in South East and East of England for the right people and we would love to hear from you.

We started Seniors Helping Seniors® in the UK, to disrupt the care sector and we have already been covered by the BBC who said our service is unique and offers greater understanding and empathy.

Seniors Helping Seniors® does not offer ‘personal care’ as a service. We provide everything else and this is business as it should be. We prioritise our carers in everything we do and we have no issues with recruiting or keeping carers. We have an enviable track record for franchisees, people without professional care experience are welcome, we have low start-up fees and the home-based operation costs are low.

Every day at Seniors Helping Seniors® feels great. You’ll be working with loving, giving, caring and compassionate people and using your business skills and local connections to build a legacy for yourself, whilst doing something positive in your community. From the day you start to do your research people will tell you “yes do this!” From the day you start providing much needed work for people and much needed elderly care, people will be thanking you.

Our business processes are tried and tested and our brand has a great reputation, so you hit the ground running in your own territory. This is a generous-spirited, efficient and trusted people business. Support comes from Canterbury in Kent.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is a Top Ten and Top Twenty most recommended home care group in the UK. We are BFA members. BBC featured us and care commissioning groups call us “perfect primary care”.

Seniors (85+) is the fastest growing age group in the UK and over half need some level of help. The number of people who need help continues to expand rapidly. Seniors Helping Seniors® is privately owned, we make our decisions based on what is right and not what makes our profit. We support our franchisees every step of the way.

We are a business that prioritises doing great work – Please give us a call if you could consider joining us. We are currently looking for franchise partners in South East and East England and we have some amazing time-sensitive opportunities we are very excited about.

If you want to make a huge difference in this way, we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete the form below to get in touch!

  • Campaign for Veterans

    Campaign for Veterans

    7th November 2018

    #ThereButNotThere is an amazing campaign that helps today’s veterans and pays respects to fallen heroes. Tommy’s very powerful memorials are sited all over the country. Seniors Helping Seniors® reaches a lot of its customers through social media a...

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  • Shaking Up the Care Sector

    Shaking Up the Care Sector

    31st October 2018

    The old age dependency ratio is the ratio of dependent older people compared to working people. It’s set to triple and it’s often referred to as the silver tsunami. Seniors Helping Seniors® thinks it’s time to acknowledge a new stage between “working ...

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  • Make a Decision to Join a Pioneering Brand

    Make a Decision to Join a Pioneering Brand

    16th October 2018

    If you really want to make a difference to your life, it is up to you to act and to make choices. Turning points present themselves all the time. Anything can spark a change and it’s often something quite scary like a particularly bad day at work when sudden...

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  • Seniors Helping Seniors® Win Customer Service Award

    Seniors Helping Seniors® Win Customer Service Award

    3rd October 2018

    Seniors Helping Seniors® in Canterbury, Kent are celebrating their recent Customer Services Award win. Being nominated for awards can have a positive effect on everyone in the company. Winning a Customer Services Award is the crown jewel because it lets every...

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  • Fitness Day UK

    Fitness Day UK

    26th September 2018

    Today is #FitnessDayUK and Seniors Helping Seniors® is celebrating with a profile on this amazing lady. Carer Colin cycles to her house first thing and they share a couple of hours together. General tasks in the house and garden are followed by lunch and a go...

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  • Seniors Helping Seniors® Feature in Top 20 Homecare Awards 2018

    Seniors Helping Seniors® Feature in Top 20 Homecare Awards 2018

    6th April 2018

    The Top 20 Home Care Group Awards 2018 highlight the most recommended home care groups in the UK. The awards are based on the group review score as of the 4th April 2018. The group review score is derived from the average of all the review scores of its member...

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  • Dee A

    Dee A

    This agency is very well run and the manager and his staff are endlessly helpful, going the extra mile to provide the best care possible. I am very happy to recommend them and have already done so on numerous occasions. I hope to continue using them as long as...

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  • Brian B

    Brian B

    We have used Seniors Helping Seniors for at least 2 years now for my parents. The care and service we have seen is excellent and my parents have benefited from the visits. They look forward to seeing the lady who supports them once a week.

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  • Jackie S

    Jackie S

    My mother is reluctantly accepting that she needs a bit of help with everyday things, but the relationships she is slowly building with her two companions are strengthening and she definitely gets more out of the visits every time. I have been impressed with t...

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  • Carolyn A

    Carolyn A

    Signing up to this befriender service was efficient, quick and easy. My mum's befriender was picked as she shared some of her interests. She was a perfect match and they get on very well. My mum really looks forward to her visit.

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  • Dave N

    Dave N

    We were appointed power of attorney for our elderly neighbours. Seniors helping Seniors were employed for a short time on a few days a week at first. Sadly, the husband passed away after 2 strokes in January and his wife has early stage Alzheimers, so the dail...

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