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Eazi-Apps are proud to announce the launch of Eazi-Sites, allowing partners to offer lightning fast multi-screen websites to help businesses increase sales.

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With an increasingly growing number of businesses, both domestically and internationally, looking to embrace digital solutions, Eazi-Sites provide enormous synergy with Eazi-Apps.

Using the Eazi-Sites platform, partners can build websites for any type of business without previous experience. Similar to Eazi-Apps, this is all made possible through an intuitive drag and drop platform making the process as simple as possible. Websites created using the Eazi-Sites platform benefit from an enhanced level of search engine optimisation and record breaking page speed, thereby revolutionising the way clients position their brand.

Other notable features include the multi-screen system that allows clients to have different versions of their website for different platforms, as well as personalisation tools that help the website interact with the website visitor in engaging ways.

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Apps, commented: “Responding to feedback is crucial to helping us better align our technology and solutions to the needs of our Partners and their clients. The introduction of Eazi-Sites allows partners to offer a unified digital solution to their clients and most importantly, help businesses compete with larger organisations. We see significant merit in offering targeted solutions that add value to clients but also boost the revenue capacity for our partners.”

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