Extra Help Ends 2019 On A High with 6 New Franchisees

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Extra Help, the home-help and domestic services franchisor, is delighted to announce the appointment of six, new franchisees, thereby increasing the size of the network to an all-time high and bringing Extra Help’s valuable services to even more areas across the UK.

The following franchisees joined the Extra Help family and launched their new businesses on 1st December 2019:

  • Rose and Chris Ogborn (mother and son) – Bath and Warminster
  • Karen Garcia – Cheshire West
  • Jes Summerhayes – Chilterns
  • Herman Barnes – Ealing
  • Jeff Ogbuehi – Greenwich
  • Beverley Fleary – Hammermith & Fulham

All of the new franchisees attended Extra Help’s in-depth induction training on 29th-30th November, which is designed to guide them on every aspect of managing their new businesses and get them up and running as quickly as possible.

The training programme provides franchisees with all of the essential, nitty-gritty information they need to know to run and grow a successful Extra Help franchise, such as how to find clients and navigate their way through policies and procedures, terms and conditions and contracts. They also received advice on being self-employed, conducting interviews, organising DBS checks, GDPR and much more.

During their training, the new franchisees participated in several, useful activities and role-playing exercises, in order to demonstrate their understanding of the training and practise the new skills they’d learnt.

They were also provided with an overview on dementia and how to become Dementia Friends, which Extra Help strongly recommends to all franchisees and any home-helpers who work with the elderly.

The franchisees all agreed that the training was extremely helpful and well worth attending.

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