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Seniors Helping Seniors

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If you really want to make a difference to your life, it is up to you to act and to make choices.

Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise

Turning points present themselves all the time. Anything can spark a change and it’s often something quite scary like a particularly bad day at work when suddenly you feel like the rug could be pulled from under you. A spell of awful commutes, stress causing ill health. Or it could be something you plan for such as returning to work after children when work life balance becomes critical, a redundancy, retirement, new year and September when a year draws to a close, or it could be a new experience such as trying to find care for family and realising you need to be the change you want to see.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a business model that works for people who want to use their skills and to do something that generates a good income, provides them with security beyond the ‘pension’ and, at the same time, makes a difference to others and their community.

The Seniors Helping Seniors model is a simple one and all the processes are paired back and modern. For the master franchisors in the UK this was very much about having a purpose and although profit is key for all business, the core values are doing the right thing by and for people and keeping things simple.

Seniors Helping Seniors look for a pioneering spirit in their franchise partners. Changing expectations about how it is to age in the UK is important and current. The company wins awards for unique customer services, the care and the work they offer people. The BBC featured their unique approach to elderly care and stories make the press all the time. Stories about how the service keeps people fit, well fed, active and engaged fit very well with the narratives on well being.

With 20 years experience and three hundred companies worldwide doing the same thing, the offer is pioneering because people don’t expect it. The company does not nurse, so in providing everything except personal care, it is outside the box.

With five years in the UK under their belts, people joining them in phase one benefit from the UK introductory franchise price of £10,000, a fraction of usual care franchises and operational costs are also a fraction of usual care franchises.

Management time is invested in relationships and whilst it may seem obvious to increase profits by cutting time spent, it’s not something Seniors Helping Seniors will ever allow. People deserve attention to detail, families are looking for peace of mind, and good carer client matches stand the test of time.

Seniors Helping Seniors is helping solve two of the most pressing problems of an ageing society. Relevant and well paid work for older people and elderly care that is fit for purpose when people are living longer.

Clients rave about the services and attention to detail. The newest Seniors Helping Seniors franchisee in Guildford achieved the magic 10 Homecare rating badge, beating all the oldest care providers in the area after only 9 months of service.

Breaking even on his investment ahead of expectations, the final quarter looks very rosy for Andy!

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