Seniors Helping Seniors Open in Ashford and Swale

This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Seniors Helping Seniors

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Seniors Helping Seniors Open in Ashford and Swale

Now people with loved ones in Ashford and Swale in Kent have a trusted and innovative elderly care service to rely on and people there have exciting, flexible and well-paid job prospects in care.

Outstanding Outcomes

Christian Wilse, co-owner and director of Seniors Helping Seniors UK said: “Our carers are experienced. That’s what we mean by Senior.

We achieve outstanding outcomes to what often feels like very scary situations for families.

When loved ones become frail and families live too far away or have demanding lives themselves, they need a care company to react fast and deliver what they promise. We are able to deliver because of our unique record for recruiting and keeping great carers.”

Sweet Spot

Christian says: “We are in the sweet spot and people love to recommend our company. Franchisees work focus on managing great elderly care and providing jobs for people who want to work into their later years”

Turnkey to Success

Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees use their people management skills doing something immensely worthwhile. They invest in a proven turnkey home-based operation with very exciting rewards on all levels.

The day to day is fun and efficient. The brand has been hailed as ‘taking the friction out of elderly care delivery on every level’

After working in corporates or other sectors as most franchisees have, Seniors Helping Seniors is a ‘breath of fresh air’. People love using their skills for a great purpose, especially when the work is efficient and all the systems are sustainable. The future shows rapid growth because traditional care services are failing and people are living longer.

Christian Explains “Trust and reputation is everything in care. Our partner team is close and supportive and those who were ‘first in the UK’ are proud to contribute to new partners’ early success.”


Christian says “There is a huge need for our services and for the unique job opportunities in every location. We’ve kept our franchise terms attractive because we are more interested in attracting the right business partners than our own returns. Our plan is to encourage as many people as possible to open a Seniors Helping Seniors in their own communities in the South East and East UK and we have uniquely valuable territories available”

Recommended For Well-Being

Seniors Helping Seniors is already a Top Twenty most-recommended care group in UK and it featured on BBC television for innovation.

The NHS describes Seniors Helping Seniors as “perfect primary care” because it keeps people well and independent in their own homes.

Well-being is in the news all the time and it’s synonymous with the Seniors Helping Seniors brand.

For over 21 years, the company has focussed on matching experienced carers to clients according to interests to stimulate activities and genuine conversations.

Time is invested in enjoyable, respectful care activities and the company wins awards for customer care because of the way they manage everything efficiently for clients’ complete peace of mind.

Seniors Helping Seniors does not provide nursing in terms of medical care or traditional nursing, thus carers and managers can focus on delivering exceptional service.

Financial Savings and Efficiencies

Financial savings come with this niche. The caring role is attractive to the kind of people the company wants to hire and clients have people they can really relate to visiting their homes.

In an uncertain and ever more-lonely world, having the same friendly person visit to support well-being is just what the doctors are ordering. The focus is on local knowledge and deep understanding.

New partners Paul and Zoe Martin

Paul and Zoe trained either side of Christmas and opened this month. They hit the ground running and have already provided outstanding service to new clients and to those who were on the client list. They have already offered the ‘perfect job’ to fantastic people in Ashford and Swale in Kent.

Paul and Zoe Martin are ideal partners for Seniors Helping Seniors. Running their own award-winning estate agency practice in the village of Charing, Zoe worked in the NHS and private medical practise and they have had over twenty-five years direct personal experience of managing and coordinating care for close family. Paul says “we understand perfectly just how much time and planning that level of care requires”
They have strong ties in their community, they are trusted and they have proven business skills.

Christian says “Repeatedly selling and finding homes for the same clients says a lot about their loving, caring natures. Clients from their estate agency days call Zoe and Paul friends and mentors for seeing them through life’s biggest decisions. They epitomise going above and beyond to help others”

Seniors Helping Seniors Ashford and Swale opened February 2020.

Seniors Helping Seniors celebrated its 7th birthday in the UK and 21 years as a global care brand worldwide, by expanding to its 5th UK location in 2020.

Seniors Helping Seniors - Christian Wilse

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