Shaking Up the Care Sector

This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Seniors Helping Seniors

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The old age dependency ratio is the ratio of dependent older people compared to working people.

Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise

It’s set to triple and it’s often referred to as the silver tsunami.

Seniors Helping Seniors® thinks it’s time to acknowledge a new stage between “working age” and “being old” where numbers don’t come into it. Age, retirement and dependency were rolled together in the 1800’s when pensions were introduced for the over 65 year olds. Back then few people lived to be 65 years of age.

Making the most of life between full-time work and dependency celebrates living longer.

Governments and employers still treat 65 years of age as inactive and as an economic burden. Subsidised bus travel may kick in at 65 years of age, but most people at that age want to do something valuable with their time and they have a huge amount to offer. They want to utilise their experience and they certainly don’t want to be the financial burden that they are often made out to be.

Seniors Helping Seniors® has made the most of this valuable resource. And they are using it to help solve the crisis in social care.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is part of the phenomenon known as the 4th industrial revolution and its energy lies in people-power.

Seniors Helping Seniors® match active people with some time on their hands with less active older people who need help and support to live independently. Seniors Helping Seniors® is an ethical business and carers are fully supported. The company has award-winning customer service that is easy to operate.

Shaking up the care sector feels amazing and people can work as much as they like. The business owner in Harrow is 75 years old and the business’ oldest carer is 84 years old. Working with people who have creativity, experience, local knowledge and an amazing work ethic is inspiring. Relatives, voluntary organisations, GPs and clinicians refer daily to get people properly supported.

Family structure has changed. People are experiencing the struggles of living far away from loved ones who are living longer, while support their young families and holding down jobs at the same time. It’s been called the sandwich generation and Seniors Helping Seniors® supports those sandwiched in modern and refreshing ways.

Leaving behind restrictive terms of business has won the company the accolade of being a top 20 most recommended care company in the whole country, from just 3 UK offices.

Mark Carney from Bank of England says: “People can’t afford to retire but they can’t move seamlessly into new jobs either”. He believes that this 4th Industrial revolution means workers have to move from using their heads to using their hearts.

Which is exactly what it says on the Seniors Helping Seniors® tin! Seniors Helping Seniors® is about operating a business offering well paid jobs with flexible hours, working locally & making people feel amazing about life.

When a person returning home to an empty house meets with his enablement officer after a period in hospital recovering from a stroke and he says “trust, trust” when he’s shown a Seniors Helping Seniors® leaflet, you know your work is worthwhile.

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