The Massage Company Joins the BFA & EWIF

Join The Massage Company and improve the health of others by bringing affordable, high-quality massage services to the high street.

The Massage Company

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The Massage Company is a UK based company looking for franchisees to open modern and innovative massage centres across the country.

The Massage Company are committed to setting up their expanding franchise network with ethical foundations, by taking the right advice and support as a franchisor and part of that process is joining the BFA, British Franchise Association.

The Massage Company BFA Listing:

The British Franchise Association (bfa) is the voice of ethical franchising in the UK.

The bfa was formed in 1977 to act in the interests of the industry to assess and accredit franchising companies against strict criteria in relation to the structure of the franchise business, the terms of the contract between franchisor and franchisee, testing of the business system – and, therefore, its success as a franchise.

To become a member of the bfa, all franchisors must be accredited. They must apply to the bfa to be tested against strict and extensive accreditation criteria. Only if they pass are they then able to join the bfa as a member, enjoy the benefits of membership and become represented by the British Franchise Association.

Because of the extensive amount of work that has been undertaken over three decades to develop, protect and promote the bfa’s quality standards, membership brings with it invaluable credibility and recognition of compliance with quality standards and ethics in franchising. This differentiates bfa members from those businesses that have not been accredited to the same rigorous standards.

Elliot Walker, Co-Founder of The Massage Company stated; “It is important for us as a business that we join our industry body. Charlie and I want to grow The Massage Company into a major UK franchise network with successful franchisees across the country and a big part of that will be by recognising and implementing best practice’s prescribed by the bfa. We can only be a stronger and more successful network with the bfa’s support and involvement with our business.”

The Massage Company have also joined EWIF (Encouraging Women into Franchising), their customer base can be very female led so they wanted to confirm their commitment to women not only as customers but also as employees, franchisees and employees of franchisees within their own business. In joining EWIF they are a fantastic example to highlight within the franchise sector as a great opportunity in many forms for women looking at employment and starting their own business.

EWIF The Massage Company Listing:

Charlie Thompson outlines; The Health, Beauty & Spa industry is dominated by successful females and if we can encourage more successful women to join this great industry then everyone will benefit. Massage is not only a great business but offers something much more and if we can improve people’s lives: their physical health ; their mental health ; their lives with their friends and families all in a facility that is open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week that is convenient and affordable that all combines to be a pretty strong offering and EWIF is our investment in sharing this with women across the UK.

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