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Exceptional New Opportunity in the UK

These days, it is very rare to come across a service that is not yet offered nationally, and with a ready customer base that is untapped…The Massage Company is one of those rarities.

In the UK, The Massage Company has identified a potential market for their service that is not yet offered by any other company, and they are now the first to introduce a franchise opportunity that mirrors one of the most rapidly growing business models in the US over the last 15 years to the UK.

The Vision and Proposition

The vision is simple: to bring high-quality massage to the mainstream.

The Massage Company want people to see massage as good value for money, so it can become a vital and routine part of a better and balanced quality of life. A regular high-quality massage can help improve mental and physical wellbeing and, through The Massage Company, it can now become an essential part of a better and balanced life.

Remember Coffee? The Time to Act is Now!

Coffee has been around for hundreds of years, but it has only been in the last 15 years that the current cultural coffee revolution swept the UK, transforming the way the British viewed and drank coffee forever. Why is this relevant? Because this revolution started to happen in North America over 30 years ago.

Being one of the first to open The Massage Company into this latent, ripe and ready market can provide significant opportunities for success and profit, and can help earn the bragging rights to be seen as the market leader in this sector, for decades to come.

A Massage Revolution Is Starting in the UK…

Traditionally in the UK, massage has been confined to two specific areas:

  • Therapeutic massage dealing with sport and other injuries, including rehabilitation after surgery or illness.
  • Massage included within ‘pampering days’ alongside facials, skin-care and other body treatments offered in spas and salons to, largely, a female clientele.

There is, however, a considerable market for ‘lifestyle’ professional massage treatment services, these are typically really effective firm massages for the reduction of muscular pain and the easing of stress.

Together with a growing awareness of the whole issue of ‘wellness,’ there are increasing numbers of people making efforts to improve their own well-being and simply choosing to live without the pain.

Massage is, on an international basis, playing an increasingly large part in this, and what has happened in North America is evidence of this.

This sweeping change in lifestyle, together with the effectiveness of massage in easing muscular pain, the use of physical treatments in the reduction of stress-related issues, and the adjustment of GP related advice from medication to massage has created a potent and growing marketplace.

The Wellness Sector: Where North America has led, the UK follows…

It’s very important to understand that the current UK market is very similar to the US market 15 years ago, when this business model was first introduced. Since then, massage therapy and spa franchises have been one of the fastest growing sectors in franchising in the United States.

The Wellness Sector: The Last 15 Years and Where Massage Fits In…

The growth in the massage therapy and spa franchise model has been driven by consumer demand. From the beginning of the 21st century, consumer interest in wellness, self-care and holistic interventions has grown. As consumers have learned the value and efficacy of massage therapy as a healthy and positive approach for managing various physical conditions and disorders, the number of people seeking out affordable and professional massage services continued to rise.

In 2002, the first US membership-based massage therapy franchise business opened its first location. The business was created by combining the membership fitness model with therapeutic massage services. It was developed as a stand-alone retail business concept of ‘massage therapy made affordable through memberships’.

It’s success was undeniable. Consumers were ready for the convenience and affordability of massage therapy that came with guaranteed safety standards and professionalism.

In 2016 in the US, consumers spent between $11-12 billion on massage therapy services and a large portion of this came from franchised businesses in this sector.

By the end of 2017, there were more than 2,000 massage therapy and spa franchised locations in the US servicing millions of consumers on a monthly basis.

This has been an average of over 130 new centres opening every year for 15 years!!

The market is huge with an average single centre in the largest network generating equivalent annual revenues of over £900,000 and Annual Net Profits (EBITDA) in excess of £105,000.

The Massage Company, through its franchise programme, is now offering investors in the UK the opportunity to share in this success.

Why are Membership Based Massage Businesses Set to Flourish in the UK?

The Massage Company links together the well-proven concept of a membership based business, as seen in most gym and fitness club models, with the growing awareness of the benefits of massage.

Why There is a Ready Customer Base…

The benefits of regular massage are increasingly understood by its users and health professionals and one of the driving forces behind the business is to improve the nation’s health by reducing both physical and mental stress.

The Problem With The Existing UK Massage Therapy Sector

It’s exactly the same problem the US had 15 years ago…

Massage therapy is by far the most popular spa treatment of all that are on offer, but, in the UK, having a massage is still seen as a treat or a pampering experience with most people not able to commit to having regular treatments for the following reasons:

  • Price – High quality massage treatments can cost up to £100 per hour and varies considerably from place to place. This gives people the perception that having a massage should only be for a special occassion, despite the clear and proven health benefits of having regular massage treatments
  • Quality – Quality varies considerably in the industry with no guarantees when paying more for a treatment. Badly trained therapists, wrong type of environments and poor customer service don’t promote people paying for future treatments.
  • Convenience – Linked to price and quality, but possibly the biggest barrier to people committing to regular massage therapy. Everyone consistently sees adverts and promotions of committing a full day or even a whole weekend to a spa experience, and this discourages people from regularly doing it due to the time pressures of life, and the feeling of guilt for taking this much time out on themselves.

How The Massage Company Solves These Problems…

The Massage Company addresses all of these issues through the following:

  • Price – A monthly membership to their customers which includes a professional massage treatment at a cost of under £1 per minute (this is the largely recognised industry standard price for a professional massage)
  • Quality – A Certified Training Programme is mandatory for all massage therapists
  • Convenience – Massage treatments in fantastic facilities and highly convenient locations that fit in with customers’ needs. In just over an hour, a customer can arrive, have a massage treatment and be on their way. This convenience creates routine which ensures people fit in regular massage into their busy lives.

The Next Steps

Please submit your details via the button below and you will receive much more detailed information by email. You will not be hassled by us trying to speak to you immediately. Go through the information and if you think it’s a business that could suit you, get in touch!

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  • client


    “This is a business that has embraced social media and has brought what was once considered a luxury to the mainstream. Their work ethic is incredible and the focus on customer service gives very positive experience on Camberley Town Centre as a whole.&#...

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  • franchisee


    “Great service, great team, amazing value. An innovative business.”

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