Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in Autumn/Winter

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People might be shocked to learn our franchisees can operate all year round, which includes rainy autumn and the frosty winter.

Trulawn Franchise

That’s because you can install an artificial lawn at any time of the year (as long as you’ve got a decent team and manageable weather conditions!).

So if you think you have to wait until spring to make any money, think again. Now is the perfect time to install artificial grass and here are some of the reasons why…

Shorter time to wait

The autumn-winter period is after the peak season in the landscaping industry so there is usually a faster turnaround between making an enquiry and having the job completed. This is a huge selling point with customers.

Ground can be softer

The ground is usually pretty tough in summer, especially if it has been hot and dried out the lawn. When the season changes and we experience more rain, the ground becomes much easier to excavate.

In the dead of winter the cold and frost can make it tough to carry out the groundworks, but this is when a customer wants a team like Trulawn. We have all the professional equipment to know the best course of action.

You can avoid a wet and muddy lawn

The post-Summer period brings a lot of wet weather and problems with natural grass lawns, including drainage and excessive mud. Rather than remain unusable until spring, and requiring stage after stage of maintenance to bring it back to good health, artificial grass makes is possible to enjoy all year round.

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