Alex Vine (son of client)

This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Seniors Helping Seniors

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Now would seem to be a good time to say thank-you, Christian, to you and your people for all that you've done for us this year. When, in March, my mother finally conceded that her advancing Alzheimer's had finally became too much for her to continue with any real independence, my hope was that we could give her one more summer at home in her beloved garden, in her beloved village. Whilst there have been many anxious moments along the way we have together managed to achieve that, and we absolutely could not have done it without you all. Thank you to Simone for her patience early on acclimatising Mum to the reality of her new life. Thank you to Catherine for explaining a few things early on that I might never have worked out by myself. Thank you to Eileen for being readily available when sudden changes were needed. Finally, our profound thanks to Viktoriya for the uncomplaining way that she has allowed our needs to take over her life this year, always there on the end of the phone when we needed insights into Mum's behaviour, shopping lists, reminders etc, and patiently distracting Mum from her inevitable increasing depression, just for an hour or two each day. It made a real difference, not only to Mum, but to all of us in the family too, both near and far. From our point of view, it has made our lives so much easier to have a single, instant point of contact with her care regime, I just hope that it hasn't taken it out of you too much.

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