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Welcome to FindMyFranchise.co.uk

After spending years in Franchising, as both Franchisor and Franchisee, we decided to set up a simple, unique yet effective franchising website, one site for all your franchising needs.

Today more and more people are moving towards franchising, even the banks are seeing a growth in this industry, and putting more and more money aside to lend to new franchisees, which is great for you as a franchisor.

We have spoken to over 500 people who are, either actively looking for a franchise, or would be interested in a career change, and asked them what they would like to see on our website. After listening to all their feedback, and combining this with our experience, we believe we have a website that reflects what people will want to use. When you look through the site you will see how simple it is to use and why this is what over 90% of people, who we spoke to, wanted.

FindMyFranchise.co.uk has been designed to be the one place where existing franchisors can advertise their brand in a professional, yet cost effective way, and for potential franchisees to search, using simple and effective tools. Here at FindMyFranchise.co.uk, a prospective franchisee will be able to find and request information on their ideal franchise in 3 easy steps.

Visitors to the site are not only able to search for a franchise, they are also able to obtain information and help on a variety of franchising topics through our separate ‘Resource Section’; from legal aspects through to help with financing their franchise. FindMyFranchise.co.uk is certainly a “one stop shop” for all your franchising needs!

We hope you enjoy using our website and would appreciate any feedback you have for us, please send your comments to info@FindMyFranchise.co.uk

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