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We’re always impressed by the Franchisees we meet – the passion, the personality, the love they have for their business and its parent brand.

As a Franchisee, we know you often make a significant upfront investment to make your dream of running a business come true. It means a lot to you and your family. Yet Franchisees often fail because they don’t protect their most valuable asset – themselves.

We have seen the terrible effects this can have on their families. We’re here to help and stop that from happening to anyone else.

Franchise Protection Summary

Our company sets out to preserve and protect the value of your business. We recognise the unique relationship between Franchisors and Franchisees and bring a solution that gives peace of mind to both parties.

The Franchise business model often results in a successful and valuable business. Typically, success will have come as a result of hard work and sacrifice along the way. The least any business owner should do is protect the underlying value of their business.

The Solution – The Franchise Protection Plan

The franchise protection plan has three component parts:

① We make sure you have a way to repay all the loans and debts you’ve taken out to invest in your business.
② We make sure you have enough working capital so that your business can continue to operate should you need to retire due to ill-health
③ We make sure your family or co-owners receive the money for the shares in your business at a pre-agreed rate.
The proceeds from the Insurance plan allows the Franchisor to ensure the ongoing concern of its respective Franchisee, settle all loans and debts and give an agreed value to the Franchisee for the shares of its business.

The benefit for the Franchisee

✔ Preserves and Protects any money the Franchisee has invested in his business
✔ Repays all external creditors – bank loans, overdrafts, private Investors
✔ Settles remaining Franchisee fees
✔ Guarantees a valuation for shares in their business

The benefit for the Franchisor

✔ Protects product distribution and business growth
✔ Secures repayment of any loans from the Franchisee
✔ Provides Capital to place temporary management and continuation of Franchisee’s business
✔ Provides Capital to buy the business from the estate of the Franchisee
✔ Improves offering to Franchisee

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