£499 Secures your Future

Dolly Char is the leading management franchise opportunity in the home services industry! With a low start up cost and a commitment to customer satisfaction, this is a not-to-be-missed way to financial independence!

Private: Dolly Char

Franchises available throughout the UK. Master Licence opportunities available.
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Dolly Char, the UK’s No. 1 domestic cleaning agency and low cost franchise of the year, offers a viable and exciting franchise opportunity. Our franchisees have the opportunity to earn from not just one, but three separate income streams.

  • Cleaning
  • Home Help
  • Shopping

So you’re getting three businesses in one.
£499 is the deposit required to secure an area. Our current start-up fee of just £1,395 + VAT is intentionally low. Our regions are not limited to 2/3 post codes you still get a full region of on average 10/12 post codes. We have taken out all of the unnecessary costs and left in the essential parts that enable you to get going and become successful. Indeed we believe that the very fact that our start-up fee is low, as are our monthly fees, enables you to build your business faster at reduced risk. Compared with franchises that charge a % of turnover our franchisees are potentially better off by thousands of pounds each and every year and turnover after year 2 should reach 60K.

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