Barrow Eats - Success Story

Run your own local online food ordering company with an investment of just £6,000!

Local Eats

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Barrow was the first area in the UK with a Local Eats licence and Barrow Eats is now the market-leader in that area for all takeaway sales…

Owners Sam & Scott said:

“We knew Local Eats had next-generation technology, we believed totally in the concept and we knew the pricing they advised undercut market leaders, but the question was could we attract the custom? Nearly three years down the line it seems ridiculous we ever doubted it. Takeaways quickly ditched national chains due to our lower commission levels.

Local Eats Success Story

This gave us so many exclusive offerings and this meant customers transitioned over to us too as they love to support local businesses, keep money in their local area and take advantage of the discounts and promotions that takeaways could afford to run due to the savings they made.

Local Eats Success Story

We’re now the market-leaders in our area processing over 400,000 orders each year.”

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