Help increase revenue and profit for businesses with 4TEXT! Run a successful business for just £195 per month for a limited time only.


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Businesses need money, businesses love money. Imagine if you had a tool that could increase the turnover for almost every type of independent local retailer in the UK and Ireland?

4Text provide their clients (local retailers) with an innovative tool to increase their revenue and profit. Every business wants to generate more revenue. Acquiring new customers is not easy, so imagine if you could offer a proven system that encourages existing customers to return more often.

Now you can!

Our effective and affordable solution produces proven results.

4TEXT Business Opportunity

For a limited time only, we’re requesting minimal investment figures to help you get your business up and running. Becoming a licenced operator has never been easier or more profitable. What are you waiting for?

Pre-Launch Prices for December 2018 ONLY


  • Initial investment: £245
  • Monthly commitment: £195

4TEXT Platform

4TEXT is a sophisticated, strategic and low-cost SMS loyalty communications platform. This unique platform helps local business to generate more revenue from their existing customers – a win-win solution for everyone.

If 25% of the customer base of an independent business were to visit once more often per month, it would transform a business. Our programme offers a greater reach for businesses to contact their customers by connecting through each customer’s smartphone. In addition to just loyalty and rewards, the programme operates as a full marketing tool, allowing businesses to generate extra business.


A customer hasn’t visited for 4 weeks. The system can recognise this and send a message, possibly with an incentive to return, such as: “Hi there, we’ve missed you, please come back and enjoy a free **** , it’s on the house”.

Our proven service helps independent local businesses AFFORDABLY increase their revenue. The business can now communicate promotional messages, campaigns and offers via text message – and did you know over 95% of text messages are read within minutes, if not seconds, of receiving. Compare that to the low open rate of emails and you’ll begin to realise how effective creative SMS marketing can be.

Potential Earnings

You have 50 clients paying £195 per month for the service. Your cost is £95 per month per client. You earn £100 x 50 clients, totalling £5,000 per month.

Start multiplying the numbers and the potential is HUGE. Imagine you have 200 clients x £100 commission per month, your earnings are a massive £20,000 per month. And to grow even faster, use local commission-only sales agents to really maximise the potential in your local area.

PLEASE NOTE: To receive our 12 Month cashflow forecast and further details simply click the REQUEST INFO button below.

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