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Build an amazing income from property in as little as 6 months without having huge sums of money to invest.

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It’s common knowledge that property is a safe and effective way to both invest your money for growth and create monthly cash-flow. But what’s less known is that there are many different strategies to do it.

Online Property Courses can accelerate new or experienced property investor’s success by using the knowledge and skills of people already doing it.

We hand-picked the best people for each property investing strategy and had them share all their secrets to help new investors get ahead and create the income they need using property.

Discover 6 proven strategies you can learn now to create an amazing income from property.

Serviced Apartments

This is a hugely growing sector, with the rise of services like Airbnb, people around the world are choosing to stay in a spacious apartment rather then a small hotel room.

It’s a simple business that enables you to earn up to £1000 per property per month from a house or apartment.

You can either change one of your existing Buy-to-Lets into a serviced apartment or you can even rent a property, turn it into a serviced apartment and keep the difference!

Rent to Rent

This is a great strategy for those people who don’t have enough money for a deposit to put down on an investment property.

You can simply rent a house and turn it into an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) where you rent out each room to an individual and make a profit of up to £1000 a month.

Our trainer has done it for years and built up a portfolio of 60 Rent-to-Rent properties and over 300 rooms!

Deal Packaging

This is perhaps one of the quickest ways to make £3k – £5k per month from property and simply explained it is finding properties for investors who pay you for doing so.

There are many completely free ways to find cheap properties where investors are very happy to give you a fee for sourcing from them and you don’t need to personally put any money in to do it.

Finding investment properties is a fantastic skill that can earn you good money for life as properties will always be bought and sold.

Perhaps one of the most exciting perks of learning how to source property is that you don’t have to always sell the deals, you can keep some for your self!


A MiniMo is essentially a small HMO and usually has just 3 or 4 bedrooms and so the property can be a lot smaller than a regular HMO but still make up to DOUBLE that of a traditional Buy-to-Let.

Our trainer has quietly been building a portfolio of highly profitable MiniMo’s using standard terraced houses with stunning rooms that get rented faster and for more money.

If you already own some 3 or 4 bedroom properties as Buy to Lets then you may be missing out on thousands of pounds in extra rent per year.

Self Contained Flats

One of our trainers has mastered the strategy of buying blocks of flats in need of a complete refurbishment using other people’s money.

They then send in a team of builders to renovate, add massive value to the block, and then refinance to get out all funds used to make it happen.

They have created a simple 5-step process that can make you financially free with just a couple of projects even without having a lot of funds.

We don’t know of any other company who teaches this amazing strategy.

Buy to Let

For some people the main priority is not necessarily a high monthly income but long-term capital growth and without doubt Buy-to-Let properties can give you that.

Our trainer has built up an enviable portfolio of properties in the north east and is assured a relaxing and enjoyable retirement thanks to smart investing.

This is a must attend course for anyone who wants a solid grounding in investing in property for the long term with a view to giving your pension a huge boost in later years.

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