Walljam blend sports with performance data. The revolutionary Walljam sports wall is changing the way we use technology to compete.


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Full Description

We’re a specialist hardware and software technology business offering a unique and exciting way for leisure operators, rights holders, and sponsors to deliver engaging experiential marketing and fan activation.

More than that, Walljam is redefining the way sport can be played. Some call it disruption – we like to call it progression. We’re using advanced and proprietary technology to create addictive, interactive and outrageously fun gameplay.

How WallJam Works

An array of LED activated sensor targets measure speed, power, and accuracy – providing players instant feedback about their performance.

Players can compete against the clock and against each other. Our web-based technology interacts with the wall to add a thrilling and addictive social element that takes social competition to the next level.

Whether the goal is personal improvement or competition with friends, colleagues or teammates, Walljam is the perfect blend of digital innovation and old-school sporting skill.

The events sector alone is worth £42.3 billion annually to the UK economy in terms of direct spend by event delegates, attendees and organisers.

As a Walljam franchisee, you’ll have the chance to establish partnerships with local businesses, sports clubs, universities, leisure centres, shopping centres, and much more. These businesses relish the chance to excite their customers, clients or fanbases with an innovative, fun and addictive experience, which is what Walljam is all about.

Whether it’s fresher’s week at a university or annual conference time for a multi-national company, Walljam is an exciting and unexpected addition that will make any event or experience unforgettable.

For larger clients, there are exciting opportunities for co-branding, but Walljam works as well for intimate events like birthday parties.

This year we have partnered with some of the world’s most famous brands including Adidas, Alton Towers, Chelsea FC and Real Madrid.

What You Need

You might have experience in sports administration or you might have a background in events management. You might be a sports lover with leadership experience in sales and marketing.

Whatever your professional background, you’ll be tenacious and driven with an ability to build great relationships with people at all levels.

You’ll thrive working outdoors and enjoy physical activity, and you’ll be comfortable driving a vehicle with a trailer in tow.

Franchisee Training


We invite all franchisees to an intensive and comprehensive two-day training event at our headquarters in Stevenage, covering everything you need to know. You’ll also receive ongoing training as required that is tailored to your individual needs.

In your initial training, you’ll learn about the Walljam business model, covering critical areas such as accounting, billings, and sales and marketing, as well as practical guidance on how to set up and operate the Walljam experience.

Franchisees will be granted access to the Walljam website and receive a template to build their own web page within it. The Walljam corporate team will manage all aspects of digital marketing and social media.

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