You are ambitious and experienced in business, particularly with SMEs. You are an entrepreneur driven by a desire to develop your own business and help others grow theirs. You want to create a valuable business while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.


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Full Description

What You Get

WIKANE International is offering two Master Franchises, one in the UK and one in the Republic of Ireland. This is a unique opportunity to capitalise on 11 years of WIKANE expertise and experience to develop and grow your own successful business, based upon an existing model that has already be proven to be profitable. You will have the autonomy to grow and develop the franchise in your chosen area.

Your Task as a WIKANE Master Franchisor

Your mission is to recruit, train, develop and support a network of WIKANE franchisees in your allocated territory. You will support your franchisees throughout their professional lives with WIKANE and help them to achieve their full potential. You also have the possibility of running your own WIKANE consultancy business. All support and training is provided to make sure you and your franchisees are successful.

WIKANE franchisees are highly competent business growth consultants who use their skills, experience and the unique WIKANE approach to help SMEs grow and prosper.

All franchisors and franchisees are supported right from the start. We provide all the help needed for you to be successful.

You will have access to markets, targets, support, presentations, tools, dashboards and more, all verified by our years of experience in this business. The WIKANE concept ensures you and your franchisees get a fast and efficient start.

You will also benefit from three weeks of initial training, followed by tuition approximately two days every two months, plus continuous guidance and access to online help. We believe continuous professional development is important to maintain the highest possible levels of competence. Ongoing support from the WIKANE International network is also invaluable.

The Role of the Franchisees You Will be Recruiting and Supporting

WIKANE franchisees are their own boss and manage their own business.

Many SMEs lack a clear strategy for business growth and the means to implement it. The WIKANE methodology is highly effective and uses specific tools developed in-house throughout our many years of experience – this leads to the ‘WIKANE Strategic Advantage.’ The implementation of these follows a set footprint based on the iconic ‘WIKANE Growth Drivers’ and ensures the process is efficient and effective for every SME.

Our franchisees grow and develop their portfolio of clients through their marketing, networking and prospecting activities, supported by you and the wider franchise network.

Based on the WIKANE approach, the franchisee will:

  • Identify and define the growth opportunity areas of the client company.
  • Identify new markets and appropriate opportunities for innovation.
  • Implement relevant operational flexibility and change.
  • Optimise existing resources.
  • Build strategic layers of operating profitability.
  • Strengthen the client’s corporate image and reputation.
  • Increase the client company’s net worth.

Your job as the WIKANE Master Franchisor is to carefully select and recruit the franchisees, train them in the WIKANE methodology and provide ongoing assistance and advice. You will enhance their efforts and help them develop their expertise through:

  • Weekly telephone progress meetings
  • Hotline help and support
  • Continuous training and professional development
  • Forums
  • Access to the tools and knowledge base via the WIKANE platform

The consultancy contract usually runs for several years, ensuring a continuous income stream from the franchisee to you. The WIKANE franchisee will typically have an invoiced income of £150,000 to £300,000 per annum from four or five clients. All this contributes to the sustainability of the franchisee’s business, which in turn secures your Master Franchisor royalties, bringing you a good return on investment. As Master Franchisor you will receive most of their initial sign-up fee and most of their ongoing monthly fee.

Your Guarantee

The WIKANE franchise network was created in 2006 from an original management consultancy concept, which began in 1992. The network now has over 50 franchisees in France, Switzerland and Belgium; you have an established enterprise as your cushion.

WIKANE International is financially secure with a proven track record and is currently engaged in a structured programme of development and growth. The availability of new Master Franchises in Ireland and the UK is just the beginning of a series of franchises set to be released across wider areas; you will be part of an entrepreneurial group which is establishing itself across Europe and beyond. Our objective for 2022 is to have five Master Franchises in Europe, including the UK and Ireland, and two outside Europe.

Our reputation precedes us, and is founded on a methodology that works, an ethos of innovation and nuturing of individuals. Most of all, our reputation is a credit to the people in the organisation who are dynamic, synergistic, motivated and highly successful.

Join Us if You Are:

  • An entrepreneur.
  • Driven to success and create your own business, learning from other like-minded people.
  • Have or can raise £220,000 for the UK or €125,000 for Ireland.
  • Based in the UK or Ireland and speak fluent English.

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