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Summary: Moving to the next level whilst continuing growth

The Client sector: Freight Industry


The Owner wanted systems in place to preserve the current situation and move to the next level. The Owner wanted to maintain growth focus at a rate of 25%.

Business Profile:

The business had been operating for 15 years. There was 1 proprietary director who owned 70% and 3 directors who had a 30% share in the business. The business employed 35+ employees and there was continuous growth in revenue and profit.


  • There were concerns about having the systems to maintain growth and development. They wanted to move to the next level and knew they needed outside help.
  • The proprietary director had a clear vision of where he wanted to go with the business and what he wanted to achieve but it was not formalised or conveyed to his partners.
  • Specific steps on reaching goals had not been defined or agreed. He wanted to move from working in the business to working on the business.


  • Regular meetings of directors and senior managers were established to encourage communication. This helped to prioritise goal setting and objectives for the business.
  • KPI’s were implemented at every level of the business to guide and measure performance and growth.


  • The client gained particular benefit from establishing regular meetings for staff, which were focused and professionally run. KPI’s gave the owner accountability and responsibility at every level of the company. The business could be managed in a more structured way.
  • The meetings brought agreement at management level regarding key issues to address and priority for implementation.
  • The business is now split into separate and distinct business units allowing for greater more defined performance objectives and more effective management.

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