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Summary: Freeing up the Business Owners Time to Grow the Business

Industry: Travel Company

Business in Profile:

Growing profitable business. As business has grown, the demands on business owner’s time and skills have grown too. There has been a challenging environment, with falling airline ticket commissions and a growing tendency for people to make their own travel arrangements (due to low air fare airlines and increased use of the internet).

The Challenges:

  • Business owner wishes to grow the business whilst reducing the hours spent working in the business. The need to refocus on strategic business issues and growing the business rather than day to day operational issues.
  • Poor systems in place for managing the business with no clear plan for staff or goals to focus on achievement.


  • Initial strategies have centred on getting business owner clearly focused on what the business is looking to achieve, and putting in processes to monitor closely and routinely its progress against these goals.
  • We have examined the role of the staff in helping the business achieve its objectives, and restating their roles so that the management and staff are clear of their roles and responsibilities in achieving the key objectives of the business.
  • We have clearly defined the client base of the business and its target client base to focus our marketing.


  • We have put in place key performance indicators for their sales and marketing function, to focus on areas for improvement and to monitor and manage this area going forward.
  • Client is on the way to having a more focused and routinely managed business, which will lead to improvements in how the business owner is spending his time and will mean the business will be more self operating, which will allow the business owner to focus more on growing the business and to have more personal time.

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