DeBonard/SFM provide a complete package to start your own online marketing business as one of our affiliates. This is an established business model which you can run from home or part-time.


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You can either watch us… or join us!

How to start a profitable online business from scratch

We have an out-of-the-box system with the tools, training, in demand high-ticket (high margin) products, resources and community to help you fast track your success and build a profitable online marketing business!

DeBonard/SFM business

The SFM is a privately owned, multi-million pound company. It is one of the fastest growing online marketing businesses, with successful affiliate businesses on six continents.

Where can I start from?

Starting an online marketing business can be quite a challenge. With so many options to choose from, for a newcomer or a business owner, the most common question is: where can I start from?

When starting from scratch, three things are important for a new online marketing business owner:

  • Being part of a well-developed international online marketing business with high-tickets (high margin) products
  • Learning how to promote e-products and physical products online
  • Having good guidance and live support


The SFM system, tools and products

DeBonard/SFM have the system and the tools all in one complete package to help you set up an online marketing business with our high ticket e-products. E-products (informational products) are one of the most profitable products, with the highest margins in today’s new economy. 

What makes Debonard/SFM any different to others?

Having passion for what we do – and expanding this passion to people who want to start their own online marketing business: The most remarkable landmark of DeBonard/SFM is their passion for the online promotion of high-ticket (high margin) products. They and their support team help many ordinary people and small business owners successfully start online businesses.

Promoting high-ticket, quality products: By learning to leverage the internet and educate yourself how to promote high-ticket (high margin), quality e-products and physical products that are in demand, you can successfully build your own online marketing business. You will be introduced to powerful concepts like “List Building For Profit” that can be used to promote and sell products online.

Why choose Debonard/SFM?

Our reputation, many years of experience and well-designed system make us the premier choice for people who want to start an online marketing business from scratch.

How can YOU get involved?

After getting in touch with us, you will first receive a complimentary 7-day video series. After watching it you will get a view of the SFM business opportunities. Then a conversation with one of the SFM consultants is made after which you can decide what business programme you want (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black). We also check whether this business is appropriate for you.

If everything goes right then you can start an online marketing business as one of the SFM business affiliates. 


Take action today – contact us to learn more about our fast expanding opportunity.

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