Go-Grill extends the nutritious and health-conscious menu offered across the Fresh & Healthy Brands family with a whole new approach to grilled items. Be one of the first to launch Fresh & Healthy's newest food concept!


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Go-Grill: Sizzling Taste with a Healthy Attitude!

For over a decade, Fresh & Healthy Brands has been bringing consumers around the world dining choices that offer healthy alternatives to fast food.

Now, with franchises operating in 24 countries, Fresh & Healthy’s four distinct concepts are leading the way in creating fresh, tasty meals, beverages and snacks that are convenient, delicious and fun.

5a1c9d7afcbe2eedd324e4a30bae212d.pngPick It, Weigh It, Grill It!

Our newest concept is sure to be our hottest! Go-Grill extends the nutritious and health-conscious menu offered across the Fresh & Healthy Brands family with a whole new approach to grilled items.

Go-Grill’s menu features selections of chicken and fresh-caught seafood, beef, pork, plus vegetables, fruits, noodles, tofu, soups, signature sauces and more! Plus, it’s fun to eat at Go-Grill – customers select all their ingredients, adding zesty or sweet and sour sauces. Then our Go-Grill chefs stir-fry all the ingredients in a special wok, allowing our guests to enjoy their own customised, hot, fresh, delicious meal.

Among the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Fresh & Healthy Brands’ franchise business partner are:

  • 0bda5af045b2b66f02b338211216d4a6.jpgBeing your own boss – You’ll be the one to make the rules and set the pace, and the one who reaps the rewards of your effort.
  • Comprehensive training – Fresh & Healthy Brands provides extensive training in advance, covering systems, finances, food preparation and staffing – everything you’ll need to get your business under way.
  • Proven business plan – More than a dozen years of global franchising has given Fresh & Healthy a blueprint for success, making us one of the best franchise businesses today.
  • 1fa84363c089d96d93419b4f0ab5055a.jpgOperational systems – We have designed, implemented and fine-tuned operational systems for efficient, effective restaurant management.
  • Superior products – Our test kitchen is staffed by experienced chefs and nutritionists who are continually working on exciting new menu items for each of our concept brands.
  • Continuous support – Fresh & Healthy will provide ongoing support for your business, including advertising and promotional ideas, marketing programmes, ongoing menu development and new product introductions.

9deac8e489ef6f143dcfcdc63e215a7d.jpgMultiple store concepts

Go-Grill’s development team will help a prospective franchise owner determine which concept, design and high-traffic location is best suited for the market. A Go-Grill franchise can be modified to meet cultural, economic and sociological differences in each country.

Go-Grill Kiosk

f8bad384e953dc2f8a0b195edcf79d3e.jpg200-500 square feet or 20-50 square metres. Takeaway only, with no seating required. Suitable for areas with very high foot traffic and limited space. Suitable for co-branding. Low investment required.

Go-Grill Bar or Food Court

250-600 square feet or 25-60 square metrse. Limited seating. Suitable for shopping malls/centers, areas with very high foot traffic or street front.

Go-Grill Lounge

500-1500 square feet or 47-140 square metres. High exposure location with full menu and ample seating. Suitable for up-market localities. Street front and enclosed shopping centre localities.

Are you interested in hearing more about the great opportunity that a Go-Grill franchise provides?
If so, the Fresh & Healthy Brands’ franchise development team would like to hear from you!

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Contact us today to get more details, and tell us which market and location interest you.

We are now accepting applications for immigration to Canada to operate our franchises. Contact us for all the details.

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