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Join the world leader in hotel discount programmes and build your own profitable, long-term business.

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Join the world leader in hotel discount programmes!

c8ea210e4fd315460e738cdd55b5860a.jpgHotel Express International (HEI), founded in 1987, is the world’s leading global hotel discount programme. We have a distributor network with around 50 national offices worldwide. We have agreements with more than 10,000 hotels in 145 countries worldwide. Hotels offer our members prices up to 50% of their best available rates (BAR rates).

We offer our distributors two different products targeted at two different segments of the market. The regular HEI product (Earning money selling membership, mainly gold and silver cards. Targeted at the SME market), and our new product HEI Online (Earning money on commission from bookings. Targeted at larger companies and organizations with thousands of end users).

You will be offered the possibility to start up with both products.

Hotel Express card-1Regular HEI product

Hotel Express International memberships are sold and maintained via independent national or regional sales offices, through telemarketing, direct mail, business meetings and special marketing initiatives. The annual membership fee, while varying from country to country, is approximately €200 + VAT. With sufficient funding and efforts the right distributors can develop a profitable, long-term business. So popular has the HEI product been with our members that many of them have become distributors themselves.

Our customers are frequent travellers, mostly from small and medium sized companies. The memberships sold by our distributors consist of an embossed, personal Hotel Express card valid for one year, and a hotel directory. Our distributors also provide a free reservation service for travel abroad for their members, using our dedicated software. The quality of service offered results in an exceptionally high renewal rate of 65% to 90% in different countries. This level of repeat business is the safety factor in our programme, and one of the best reasons to join. You really can build up a long term business when you have a stream of satisfied customers coming back for more.

Using our cheaper no reservation service silver card option you can also do deals with large organisations and many of our distributors work with many of the best known banks, airlines and multinational companies. Additionally we have vouchers, targeted for one time use and generally sold in high volumes for specific promotions.

Hotel Express website-1

HEI online

In 2013 we launched HEI Online in order to reach the leisure market through larger organizations and companies. We believe this system is a unique product and has a very high earning potential if you implement the right agreements. Now in the start-up phase we have seen a massive interest amongst large companies where we have signed up deals with media companies, banks, organisations etc in many countries.

We have built up the system so we can make white label sites for the customers (with their logo, text, pictures etc) and we have approximately 85,000 hotels worldwide.

We provide the best rates online. This is backed by a price guarantee. Tests found that rates quoted by the main openly available booking sites were on average 20% more expansive than HEI Online.

The website requires a username and password that only can be acquired through our distributors.

Understandably, many companies and organisations will be very interested in gaining access to these prices on behalf of their employees, customers or members. Some will consider HEI Online as part of their loyalty or branding programme in order to retain and recruit customers. Others will consider HEI Online as a way of capitalising on their member base, earning part of the booking commission.

Best of all, there is no cost involved for the partner:

  • We set up and maintain their white label site.
  • The customer can change logo, pictures, text etc.
  • For bigger companies and organisations (potential number of end users exceeding 100,000) we even pay out part of the commission to the partner.

As travel-related benefits rank as number one amongst most people, potential partners will be waiting for your call! Especially since there is no cost attached in giving access to the HEI Online product to their customers, members or employees.

Example of potential earnings:

  • You sign up a sports association with 300,000 members.
  • The association manages to convert 10% (30,000) into registered users.
  • These 30,000 book five nights each per year = 150,000 nights.
  • Average commission per night 7.8 Euro.
  • Equals to 1 170 000 Euro in commission per year to be split between us, you and the partner.

How to get started

Contact us and we will send you more information about how you can get started with one or both products. For our regular product we normally have two distributor types: exclusive and non exclusive. If you start up with either type of distributorship you will also be offered a HEI Online contract without any extra fee.

If you want to start up solely with HEI online this is also possible, if you have an interesting CV, a good marketing plan and connections in the right companies or organisations.

Please note that HEI contracts may not be available in all countries because of existing exclusive distributors.

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